This week’s collection of cigar additions are primarily limited, seasonal, and/or scarce in nature—we try to keep the selection diverse, after all. In fact, the only cigar that is easily attainable on the list is Nica Rustica. Now, how will that affect the cigar’s performances? Will the rare and premiums rise to the top? Or do most smokers lean towards the cigars they’ve spent the most time with? We’ll report back next week with the results…

Every week, new cigars will make their entrance into the ring, new contenders to battle in the most epic cigar contest on the web: Cigar Wars! With these additions, there are now over 13,500 battle combinations!

UPDATE: These cigars have now been ranked after their 1st week in the ring – see how they performed

Our contenders this week are as follows:

God of Fire Serie Aniversario

Prometheus God of Fire Serie Aniversario cigarGod of Fire is an ultra-premium brand produced by the famous Fuente family in the Dominican Republic. Made for Prometheus, an upscale cigar accessories manufacturer, the new GOF Serie Aniversario celebrates 10 years since the first GOF cigar—using specially-selected tobaccos and elegant vitolas.

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  • Country of origin: Dominican Republic
  • Price: $24 – $30
  • Categories: Natural – Dominican – Expensive

Nica Rustica

Drew Estate Nica Rustica cigarFor most Drew Estate fans (and cigar fans in general), Nica Rustica was just what the Dr. ordered. The Undercrown often served as the affordable alternative to the premium Liga Privada cigars, but lacked the heavy Broadleaf wrapper of Liga. Nica Rustica fills the gap, offering dense and earthy flavors at a much more friendly price.

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  • Country of origin: Nicaragua
  • Price: $5.25 – $7.00
  • Categories: Maduro – Nicaragua – Affordable


Cuaba Cuban cigarCuaba is a post-revolution Cuban cigar, introduced in 1996 in an effort to revive the classic figurado cigar vitola. Every cigar in the line is rolled in a figurado/salomon shape, being made at the famous Briones Montoto (Romeo y Julieta) factory.

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  • Country of origin: Cuba
  • Price: $6.00 – $25.00
  • Categories: Natural – Cuba – Expensive

Quesada Keg

Quesada Keg cigarThe Quesada Keg is a limited edition/seasonal cigar release that has been custom-blended to pair with Irish Stout beers for St. Patrick’s Day. The cigars are bundled in jars modeled after beer kegs and branded to match the notorious Guinness stout.

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  • Country of origin: Nicaragua
  • Price: $6.00 – $9.00
  • Categories: Maduro – Nicaragua – Affordable


Room101 Ichiban cigarRoom 101’s Ichiban project is a special cigar blend that has been rolled in a unique size for 8 different cigar shops across the country. The cigar showcases a look very similar to the brand’s famous OSOK release, but features an all-new blend for this release.

Ichiban is listed as “Other Country” because, even though it is manufactured in Honduras, there is no Honduran tobaccos listed in the blend—therefore we cannot consider it a Honduran cigar.

More Info…

  • Country of origin: Honduras
  • Price: $7.00 – $9.00
  • Categories: Natural – Other Country – Affordable
New cigars will be added to the Cigar Wars battle each week, making for more interesting combinations, as well as a more accurate rankings system with time.