Introducing the Cigar Wars Hall of Fame—a place to commemorate the most acclaimed cigars in the world!

At Cigar Wars, we are continuously honing the craft of cigar rankings—providing a location for cigar enthusiasts to both voice their opinions, while at the same time compare them against thousands of like-minded hobbyists.

The base of our ranking system relies upon an algorithm known as the ELO rating system, which is the same used to rank the best chess players in the world. And while this provides the fast-paced, “war-like” rankings that make Cigar Wars fun and addicting, it lacks a more secure acknowledgment of the best-performing contenders (cigars).

Although we’ve been solidifying cigars’ rankings with weekly, monthly, and yearly awards, we needed something more… Segue to Cigar Wars Hall of Fame, which we feel adds another layer fun, difficulty, and recognition to the battle. See more about how the Cigar Wars Hall of Fame process works here.

Padrón 1964 – The First Hall-of-Famer

There was no doubt in our minds this would be the first cigar to enter the Hall of Fame. Padrón 1964 is the people’s choice, the one maduro we can all agree upon.

For a cigar to enter the Hall of Fame, it must win the Best-Performing Cigar of the Month award twice within a 12-month span. Padrón 1964 not only won the category 2 of the last 3 months, it has ranked as the top overall cigar for the past 7 weeks straight!

Of course, Padrón must now sit the battles out for 12 months, which will allow others a chance to sit at the top of the podium, and potentially join this maduro in the elite Hall of Fame. What will be interesting is to see what happens when Padrón returns, as there will likely be 260 more competitors for this battle-worn vet to prove its worth against…

To really prove its value, Padrón will be re-introduced at the bottom of the pack, forced to rise through the ranks, climbing through an estimated 400+ cigars!

But for now, ol’ 1964 receives the royal treatment. Perks include a more detailed look at the cigar, with upgraded photos and graphic visuals, among others.

Click the images below for full resolution. The complete gallery of Padrón 1964 photos can be found on the new, upgraded Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Maduro page.