As a group, these 5 performed decent—scoring in the 68th percentile for winning percentage in a cigar’s first week. The bunch was also among the most expensive, with an average price of $14.20. Notably, the most affordable cigar on the list claimed the top prize. Speaking of which, this is only the 2nd occurrence where a Padrón cigar was added and did not rank #1 for the week—joining Padrón Series Maduro (ranked 2nd).

If you are shocked by this, you’re not alone. We saw no scenario where Padrón No. 90 did not obliterate the competition this week—I mean, it’s Pa-frickin’-drón in it’s shiny, new, non-box-pressed, tubo form! That may be the keyword—new… voters generally gravitate towards the stuff they know. But there are two flaws to that theory: a) Maestro del Tiempo (this week’s winner) is new as well – and b) this isn’t a fully new brand—it’s still a 1926 in the familiar 1926 Serie band—only adding the new 90th sub-band.

Padrón actually held the lead for the majority of the week, only being surpassed within the last two days — such is war…

Cigars of the Week

Each week, 5 – 10 cigars are added to the Cigar Wars battle field. And the week following, we will rank these new entrants and see how they performed in action!

Cigar of the Week Ranking Method

Ranking the best new cigar additions from November 8, 2016:

  1. Haut 10

    Illusione Haut 10 cigarIllusione celebrates their 10th anniversary with a special Nicaraguan puro blend, dubbed Haut 10. Working with the esteemed TABSA factory and AGANORSA farms, a special blend has been chosen, featuring a “Grade AAA” Cafe Claro Corojo wrapper and triple sorting to guarantee supreme performance.

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    • Wins: 17
    • Losses: 35
    • Record: 32.7%
  2. Boondocks Saint

    BLK WKS Studio Boondocks Saint cigarBlack Works Studio is the sister company of boutique brand Black Label Trading Co., focusing on the craft of Estelí-based Fabrica de Oveja Negra. Among the brand’s first offerings is Boondocks Saint, using a diverse blend of Nicaragua, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut tobaccos and a Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper.

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    • Wins: 30
    • Losses: 44
    • Record: 40.5%
  3. Trinidad Fundadores

    Trinidad Fundadores cigarTrinidad Fundadores was the first size officially sold to the public from the Cuban brand. The cigars bear many similarities to their Cohiba siblings and were originally only available as a diplomatic gift from Fidel Castro.

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    • Wins: 32
    • Losses: 46
    • Record: 41%
  4. Padrón 1926 Serie No. 90 – Maduro

    Padrón 1926 Serie No. 90 maduro cigarPadrón celebrates brand patriarch José Orlando Padrón’s 90th birthday with the 1926 Serie No. 90, a special version of the 1926 blend in tubo packaging and a rare, non-box-pressed format.

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    • Wins: 43
    • Losses: 43
    • Record: 50%
  5. Maestro del Tiempo 5205

    Maestro del Tiempo 5205 cigarMaestro del Tiempo 5205 is one of two regular production vitolas in Warped Cigars’ 5th Nicaraguan puro lines out of the famed TABSA factory. Maestro del Tiempo lonsdale showcases tobacco varieties from unique locations within the AGANORSA portfolio.

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    • Wins: 29
    • Losses: 24
    • Record: 54.7%

Author Predictions

  1. Padrón 1926 Serie No. 90 – Maduro
  2. Trinidad Fundadores
  3. Maestro del Tiempo 5205
  4. Boondocks Saint
  5. Haut 10

  1. Maestro del Tiempo 5205
  2. Padrón 1926 Serie No. 90 – Maduro
  3. Trinidad Fundadores
  4. Boondocks Saint
  5. Haut 10
Forgive me for the top pick — no one in their right mind saw that one coming! Although I can’t argue with the results, Warped Maestro del Tiempo 5205 is one of the tastiest cigars for 2016 (in my opinion), maybe even the last few years. While I saw the low result of Haut 10 coming, this shouldn’t reflect performance, as this is another one of the best for 2016. I’d smoke both of these before the Padrón, but Cigar Wars ain’t just one man’s opinion!