Old cigars, new cigars, expensive, affordable, and three of the four major cigar-producing countries—this week’s new cigars offers a wide variety of options with no basic theme in mind. The goal? Simply fill the never-ending gap of cigars on Cigar Wars’ ever-expanding database.

Interesting cigars to watch for will be RoMa Craft’s mysterious Wunder|Lust, Camacho’s new Corojo BXP, and Partagas’ new Heritage.

  • Wunder|Lust is only available to the German market, however Cuban cigars aren’t sold in the U.S. and that hasn’t kept enthusiasts away from them. Will RoMa Craft score well simply based on their familiar/popular appearance and reputation? Or perhaps enough time has passed for cigar to make their rounds in the cult craft circle.
  • Camacho’s Corojo BXP may be new, but the look is quite similar to the well-established original. Ultimately, how will the tweaked blend fair against its round-shaped sibling?
  • Partagas Heritage is perhaps the newest of the bunch, but its appearance certainly isn’t—the cigar has had smokers talking since first hinted at the beginning of the year. This is due to a nearly identical look to its Cuban counterpart: Partagás Serie D. This could ultimately have an affect on the cigar’s performance from the passive voter.
With these additions, there are now over 55,000 battle combinations!

UPDATE: These cigars have now been ranked after their 1st week in the ring – see how they performed

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Our contenders this week are as follows:


RoMa Craft Wunder|Lust cigarRoMa Craft debuted the unorthodox Wunder|Lust cigar at the tail end of 2015, releasing a unique blend exclusively to the German cigar market. The blend smokes much differently than RoMa Craft’s usual portfolio, offering a more delicate and aromatic experience, highlighted by a “mysterious” tobacco in the cigar’s filler.

Wunder|Lust is listed as “Other Country” because, even though it is manufactured in Nicaragua, there are no Nicaraguan tobaccos listed in the blend—therefore we cannot consider it a Nicaraguan cigar.

More info…

  • Country of origin: Nicaragua
  • Price: $8.70 – $10.00
  • Categories: Maduro – Other Country – Expensive – 2016

Camacho Corojo BXP

Camacho Corojo Box-Pressed BXP cigarCamacho Corojo Box-Pressed BXP is the amped-up version of the original Corojo. The cigars feature box-pressed shapes, and new black-themed appearance, and added Pennsylvania Broadleaf in the filler.

More info…

  • Country of origin: Honduras
  • Price: $8.00 – $9.25 (MSRP)
  • Categories: Natural – Honduran – Affordable – 2017

Partagas Heritage

Partagas Heritage cigarPartagas Heritage recalls nostalgic imagery and blending profile from the brand’s vast “heritage”. The cigar uses a proprietary Honduran wrapper and similar fillers from the famed Partagas 150 and 160.

More info…

  • Country of origin: Dominican Republic
  • Price: $8.49 – $9.99 (MSRP)
  • Categories: Natural – Dominican – Expensive – 2017

Davidoff Escurio

Davidoff Escurio 60x6 cigarDavidoff Escurio marks the second cigar in the brand’s Discovery series (aka Black Label), offering exotic flavor inspiration from Rio, Brazil.

More info…

  • Country of origin: Dominican Republic
  • Price: $4.85 – $19.20 (MSRP)
  • Categories: Natural – Dominican – Expensive – 2015

Seleccion de Cazador

Tatuaje Seleccion de Cazador cigarTatuaje Seleccion de Cazador is commonly known as “Brown Label.” The cigars use traditional Cuban techniques for an authentic, old-world smoking experience.

More Info…

  • Country of origin: USA/Nicaragua
  • Price: $9.00 – $13.00
  • Categories: Natural – Nicaraguan – Expensive – 2003

New cigars will be added to the Cigar Wars battle each week, making for more interesting combinations, as well as a more accurate rankings system with time.