Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Natural recently claimed the top spot as the Cigar of the Month winner for March, 2017. This marks the cigar’s third time winning the award within the past six months—winning in October and November of 2016.

Therefore, Cigar Wars officially has a fourth cigar inducted into the Hall of Fame!

The 1964 Anniversary Series’ Maduro variant was actually the first cigar inducted into the Hall of Fame in February, 2016. In fact, the classification was primarily created because of the cigar—as it held the top-ranked spot on the Cigar Wars leaderboard around the clock! In an attempt to free up competition, we decided to take the cigar off the list and let others fight for the number-one spot.

We’ve also tweaked the rules quite a bit since the original Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Maduro became the first Hall of Fame cigar. Originally, it required two Cigar of the Month wins within a rolling twelve month period—it now requires three (with Liga Privada No. 9 being the first cigar to enter under these rules). We’ve also moved the amount of time a cigar is removed from battle. Originally, Hall of Fame cigars spent twelve months out of the ring; it was then lessoned to three months; and Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Natural will be the first cigar under the latest criteria—one month. This is due to the ever-growing list of cigars, where it has become more and more difficult for a single cigar to dominate the leaderboard.

1964 Natural’s admittance to the Hall of Fame was hard-earned—a telling victory—as the cigar beat out it’s fan-favorite maduro sibling. Indeed, cigars can be crowned two-time (and three-time) Hall-of-Famers, which we have yet to see. And while 1964 Natural remains the highest-scoring cigar within a cigar’s first week, the blend still has catching up to do to outpace the Maduro—which has a 69.2% winning record, compared to the Natural’s 66.8% record.

For now, though, 1964 Natural gets to enjoy the spotlight… see you in May!