Honduran cigars are often the minority in today’s market, but this week’s additions consist primarily of Honduran-made cigars. Of course, with the recent IPCPR show, most cigars in this group are brand-spanking new. And, while most are of the natural-shade variety, Drew Estate’s Swamp Thang defies category, using a crossover blend of a candela/fire-cured wrapper that likely positions it as the most unique blend in the Cigar Wars database.

In my opinion, this week’s battle comes down to three cigars: Todos Las Dias, Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged, and Amazon Anaconda. I’ve listed my prediction but I could honestly see any of these three taking the top spot.

With these additions, there are now over 61,000 battle combinations!

UPDATE: These cigars have now been ranked after their 1st week in the ring – see how they performed

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Our contenders this week are as follows:

Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged

Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged cigarCamacho introduces the followup cigar to American Barrel-Aged with a diverse, five-country blend that focuses on Nicaraguan Corojo ’99 filler tobaccos aged in used Flor de Caña rum barrels, making for a unique take on a Nicaraguan-focused smoking profile.

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  • Country of origin: Honduras
  • Price: $10.00 – $12.00 (MSRP)
  • Categories: Natural – Honduras – Expensive – 2017

Todos Las Dias

Dunbarton Todos Las Dias cigarTodos Las Dias by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust is the company’s third core-line cigar and strongest blend to date. TLD is a Nicaraguan puro that is intended to start on the mellow side, building to a high-octane, Nicaraguan powerhouse blend through a gradual progression.

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  • Country of origin: Nicaragua
  • Price: $10.45 – $ 12.45 (MSRP)
  • Categories: Maduro – Nicaraguan – Expensive – 2017

Amazon Anaconda

CAO Amazon Anaconda cigarCAO finishes their sought-after Amazon Trilogy with Amazon Anaconda, a limited edition, exotic blend that focuses on tobacco growing and processing techniques of the Brazilian rainforest.

Amazon Anaconda is listed as “Other Country” because, even though it is manufactured in Honduras, there are no Honduran tobaccos listed in the blend—therefore we cannot consider it a Honduran cigar.

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  • Country of origin: Honduras
  • Price: $10.49 (MSRP)
  • Categories: Natural – Other Country – Expensive – 2017

Blind Man’s Bluff

Caldwell Blind Man's Bluff cigarCaldwell Cigar Co. introduced Blind Man’s Bluff in 2015, offering the premium look of their high-end products but with a lower price point. As Caldwell is known to team with well-established cigar manufacturers, BMP features Honduran tobaccos and is made at the famed Camacho factory (Agroindustrias Laepe S.A.) in Honduras.

More info…

  • Country of origin: Honduras
  • Price: $7.50 – $9.50 (MSRP)
  • Categories: Natural – Honduran – Affordable – 2015

Kentucky Fire Cured Swamp Thang

Drew Estate Kentucky Fire Cured Swamp Thang cigarKentucky Fire Cured Swamp Thang is an unusual blend from Drew Estate’s MUWAT sub-brand, showcasing a contrast of fire-cured tobaccos and a candela wrapper. This is intended to be a sweeter, more approachable variant of the original MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured cigar.

Swamp Thang is listed as “Other Country” because, even though it is manufactured in Nicaragua, there are no Nicaraguan tobaccos listed in the blend—therefore we cannot consider it a Nicaraguan cigar.

More Info…

  • Country of origin: Nicaragua
  • Price: $7.50 – $8.75 (MSRP)
  • Categories: Other Shade – Other Country – Affordable – 2017

New cigars will be added to the Cigar Wars battle each week, making for more interesting combinations, as well as a more accurate rankings system with time.