Lesser-known cigars struggle on Cigar Wars. They struggle with most retailers as well. Often times though, these cigars may gain a cult following and eventually begin to climb the ranks.

This week, our contenders fit this mould, with nearly all being released within the past few months (or last week, in the case of The T.). Even cigars that have been on the market for over a year, such as Cloud Hopper (which is a new company on the boutique side) and Villa Sombra (which is Warped’s least established brand [it is not even listed on their website]), have fallen prey to the struggles of the unknown.

Villa Sombra tallied the 9th worst opening week at 25% and the group scored a 42% combined winning record—landing this bunch in the bottom 17th percentile of all new cigar group additions.

Cigars of the Week

Each week, 5 – 10 cigars are added to the Cigar Wars battle field. And the week following, we will rank these new entrants and see how they performed in action!

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Ranking the best new cigar additions from November 9, 2017:
  1. Villa Sombra

    Warped Villa Sombra cigarVilla Sombra marks the first Connecticut Shade-wrapped cigar for Warped. Until this point, all Nicaraguan-made Warped cigars used 100% Nicaraguan (AGANORSA) tobaccos. Villa Sombra adds a more clean, refreshing, and mellow profile to the collection of Warped cigars.

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    • Wins: 2
    • Losses: 6
    • Record: 25%
  2. Cloud Hopper

    Edition One Cloud Hopper cigarCloud Hopper is the first release from Edition One, a company built by brothers Devin and Kyle Gellis. Devin is the younger brother of Kyle, whom is best known for creating Warped Cigars. Cloud Hopper uses a Nicaraguan puro blend and focuses on an affordable price range.

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    • Wins: 4
    • Losses: 11
    • Record: 26.7%
  3. The T.

    The T. cigar by Caldwell Booth FernandezThe T. (formerly known as TRUTH) is among the most sought-after cigars for 2017. This limited edition cigar uses a Nicaraguan puro blend and is a collaboration between Matt Booth, Robert Caldwell, and AJ Fernandez.

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    • Wins: 10
    • Losses: 11
    • Record: 47.6%
  4. Macanudo Inspirado Black

    Macanudo Inspirado Black cigarMacanudo Inspirado Black is the counterbalance to Inspirado White. This series focuses on inspiration, using experimental curing and fermentation techniques for a bold smoking experience.

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    • Wins: 12
    • Losses: 11
    • Record: 52.2%
  5. Macanudo Inspirado White

    Macanudo Inspirado White cigarMacanudo Inspirado White is part of the Inspirado series, made as a counterbalance to Inspirado Black. The blend focuses on a diverse selection of well-aged tobaccos, aiming for a supremely creamy and complex experience.

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    • Wins: 9
    • Losses: 7
    • Record: 56.3%

Author Predictions

  1. The T.
  2. Cloud Hopper
  3. Macanudo Inspirado Black
  4. Macanudo Inspirado White
  5. Villa Sombra

  1. Macanudo Inspirado White
  2. Macanudo Inspirado Black
  3. The T.
  4. Cloud Hopper
  5. Villa Sombra

Like I said, a tricky week to predict…