The Weekly Rankings are supposed to represent a group of cigar’s scores after only one week in the CW database, however, this group’s scores were tallied a bit late… If anything, this will reflect a more accurate look at each cigar’s performance.

Cigars of the Week

Each week, 5 – 10 cigars are added to the Cigar Wars battle field. And the week following, we will rank these new entrants and see how they performed in action!

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Ranking the best new cigar additions from January 23, 2018:
  1. Elencos

    E.P. Carrillo Elite Elenco cigarElencos is a revived brand from EPC Cigar Co., relaunching at IPCPR 2017. The cigars use a Brazilian maduro wrapper and joins EPC’s newly introduced “Elite” lineup of cigars.

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    • Wins: 29
    • Losses: 48
    • Record: 37.7%
  2. Protocol Themis

    Cubariqueño Protocol Themis cigarProtocol Themis is the 3rd cigar introduced by boutique brand Cubariqueño Cigar Company. Themis uses a Connecticut shade wrapper over Nicaraguan fillers and is produced at the La Zona factory in Estelí. Themis is mild/medium in body and known for offering great balance.

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    • Wins: 36
    • Losses: 54
    • Record: 40%
  3. Hit & Run

    Matt Booth Caldwell Hit & Run cigarHit & Run is the first collaborative effort between the creative minds of Room101 (Matt Booth) and Caldwell Cigar Company (Robert Caldwell). Hit & Run showcases a softer side for Booth, whom is known for heavy-hitting Honduran blends. The cigars were limited to 100,000 (between 5 sizes) for 2017.

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    • Wins: 53
    • Losses: 47
    • Record: 53%
  4. La Gloria Cubana Colección Reserva

    La Gloria Cubana Colección Reserva cigarLa Gloria Cubana Colección Reserva is a special collaboration between Ernesto Pérez-Carrillo (original creator of the LGC brand) and General Cigar Co. (the current owner of the name). Colección Reserva marks the brand’s 25th anniversary, with Carrillo handling production in-house at his Tabacalera La Alianza factory in the DR.

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    • Wins: 48
    • Losses: 40
    • Record: 54.5%
  5. Jacobs Ladder

    Southern Draw Jacobs Ladder cigarJacobs Ladder is the most full-boded release from Souther Draw Cigars to date. The blend is “maduro heavy,” highlighted by a Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper that surrounds a Nicaraguan-based double ligero filler recipe. Cigar Dojo awarded Jacobs Ladder the No. 4 Cigar of the Year for 2017.

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    • Wins: 47
    • Losses: 32
    • Record: 59.5%

Author Predictions

  1. Hit & Run
  2. La Gloria Cubana Colección Reserva
  3. Elencos
  4. Protocol Themis
  5. Jacobs Ladder

  1. Jacobs Ladder
  2. La Gloria Cubana Colección Reserva
  3. Hit & Run
  4. Protocol Themis
  5. Elencos

Clearly I have underestimated the power of Jacobs Ladder. The cigar is actually a personal favorite from 2017 and went on to receive Cigar Dojo’s #4 Cigar of the Year for 2017, but it is now clear that the masses have taken notice as well—bravo.