601 Green Label is the oldest cigar in this group and, despite the modern smoker’s taste for “what’s new/hot,” still managed to come out on top.

As a group, these 5 scored a 49.84 winning percentage, ranking in the top 40th percentile for new groups of cigars added to Cigar Wars.

Cigars of the Week

Each week, 5 – 10 cigars are added to the Cigar Wars battle field. And the week following, we will rank these new entrants and see how they performed in action!

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Ranking the best new cigar additions from March 30, 2018:
  1. Aladino

    J.R.E. Aladino Lancero cigarAladino is the preeminent line from JRE Tobacco Company, a Honduran-based brand owned by Julio R. Eiroa and his son Justo. The cigar is built from 100% Honduran Corojo tobacco, all harvested from Julio’s acclaimed Eiroa Tobacco Farm, located in the Jamastran Valley. Aladino is medium-bodied, showcasing a classic flavor profile that is said to be similar to Cuban cigars of the 1950s.

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    • Wins: 325
    • Losses: 339
    • Record: 48.9%
  2. ROMEO 505 Nicaragua

    ROMEO 505 Nicaragua cigarROMEO 505 Nicaragua is the only Romeo y Julieta cigar to be made in Nicaragua using 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos. The blend follows in the footsteps of the 2012 introduction of ROMEO, a modernization of the classic RyJ brand. 505 is medium to full-bodied and boasts a Nicaraguan profile of earth, toast, dried fruit, wood, and leather.

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    • Wins: 372
    • Losses: 383
    • Record: 49.3%
  3. Señor Esugars

    Cornelius & Anthony Señor Esugars cigarSeñor Esugars is the first brand from Cornelius & Anthony to make use of a Mexican maduro wrapper. As with other cigars in the C&A lineup, Esugars is produced at the burgeoning La Zona factory in Estelí (of Espinosa Premium Cigars fame).

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    • Wins: 344
    • Losses: 342
    • Record: 50.1%
  4. Guardian of the Farm

    Casa Fernandez Guardian of the Farm cigarGuardian of the Farm debuted in 2016 as a collaboration between Max Fernandez (of Casa Fernandez) and Kyle Gellis (of Warped Cigars). Unlike many other brands under Casa Fernandez, Guardian of the Farm takes on a modern look that is much more akin to Warped Cigars’ style. The blend is Nicaraguan puro, inspired from the owner’s dogs that guard the legendary AGANORSA farms.

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    • Wins: 313
    • Losses: 311
    • Record: 50.2%
  5. 601 Green Label

    Espinosa 601 Green Label Oscuro cigar601 Green Label embodies a dark and oily Nicaraguan puro profile, leaning towards the stronger side of the 601 collection. Originally released in 2007 by EO Brands, 601 Green Label is now rolled at A.J. Fernandez’s San Lotano factory for Espinosa Premium Cigars.

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    • Wins: 377
    • Losses: 366
    • Record: 50.7%

Author Predictions

  1. 601 Green Label
  2. Guardian of the Farm
  3. Señor Esugars
  4. Aladino
  5. ROMEO 505 Nicaragua

  1. 601 Green Label
  2. Guardian of the Farm
  3. Señor Esugars
  4. ROMEO 505 Nicaragua
  5. Aladino