1. Padrón 1926 Serie No. 90 natural cigar

    1. Padrón 1926 Serie No. 90 – Natural

    Battle Rating: 1706 Wins: 799 Losses: 332

    Among the many special releases in 2016 for brand patriarch José Orlando Padrón’s 90th birthday was the 1926 Serie No. 90, using special tubo packaging, a new robusto size, and the line’s first use of a non-box-pressed shape.

  2. Padrón 1926 Serie natural cigar

    2. Padrón 1926 Serie – Natural

    Battle Rating: 1663 Wins: 8406 Losses: 4074

    Padrón 1926 Serie Natural cigars debuted in 2002 to celebrate founder José Orlando Padrón’s 75th birthday. This Nicaraguan cigar is widely considered among the best in the world.

  3. Cohiba Behike BHK cigar

    3. Behike BHK

    Battle Rating: 1650 Wins: 6919 Losses: 4307

    The Cohiba Behike BHK is rolled at the famed El Laguito factory in Cuba. Behike features immaculate construction, including the perfectly placed pigtail cap. The cigar is a winner of a number of awards and is often considered the best and most sought-after (currently produced) cigar in the world.

  4. Fuente Fuente OpusX 20 Years Celebration cigar

    4. Fuente Fuente OpusX 20 Years Celebration

    Battle Rating: 1622 Wins: 951 Losses: 427

    Arturo Fuente celebrates 20 years since the original launch of the OpusX with the special-edition Fuente Fuente OpusX 20 Years Celebration, using a new/tweaked blend (including lower-priming wrapper) and a striking new OpusX blue presentation.

  5. Fuente Fuente OpusX Angel's Share cigar

    5. Fuente Fuente OpusX Angel’s Share

    Battle Rating: 1621 Wins: 1299 Losses: 740

    Arturo Fuente introduced the Angel’s Share blend 17 years after the original OpusX cigar. Angel’s Share uses lower priming leaves and a slightly tweaked filler for a milder OpusX experience. The cigars were introduced along a series of new releases to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary.

  6. RoMa Craft Whiskey Rebellion 1794 Cigar Dojo cigar

    6. Whiskey Rebellion 1794 – Cigar Dojo

    Battle Rating: 1616 Wins: 1556 Losses: 1211

    Whiskey Rebellion 1794 was originally crafted as a limited edition cigar in collaboration with Cigar Dojo. The cigars fall under RoMa Craft’s Intemperance lineup and showcase a unique blend, highlighted by a fiery Ecuador Habano Ligero wrapper. All 500 boxes of the limited allotment sold out in under 1 hour.

  7. Drew Estate Liga Privada No. 9 cigar 1 star

    7. Liga Privada No. 9

    Battle Rating: 1608 Wins: 7729 Losses: 3337

    A maduro lover’s dream come true. The Liga Privada No 9 from Drew Estate is a dark and oily gem that generates a massive billow of smoke with each puff. Liga Privada No. 9 claimed the #1 Cigar of the Year for 2016 at Cigar Wars.

  8. Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series maduro cigar

    8. Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series – Maduro

    Battle Rating: 1606 Wins: 6639 Losses: 2930

    Padrón introduced the 1964 Anniversary Series in 1994, during the height of the great cigar boom. This premium, Nicaraguan smoke remains among the best in the world to this day.

  9. Fuente Fuente OpusX Belicoso XXX cigar

    9. Fuente Fuente OpusX Belicoso XXX

    Battle Rating: 1605 Wins: 7147 Losses: 3147

    OpusX XXX incorporates the original OpusX blend, the first successful Dominican puro—though it has been slightly tweaked for its small size, making for a stronger smoking experience.

  10. Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Natural cigar 1 star

    10. Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series – Natural

    Battle Rating: 1600 Wins: 2301 Losses: 1065

    The 1964 Anniversary Series was introduced in 1994 to commemorate Padrón’s 30th anniversary. The cigars are among the most prized in the world, having superior complexity, consistency, and an overall refined smoking experience.

  11. Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Sobremesa cigar

    11. Sobremesa

    Battle Rating: 1590 Wins: 5317 Losses: 2776

    Sobremesa is the first release from Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, the latest venture from industry veteran Steve Saka—marking a highly-anticipated release for cigar enthusiasts worldwide, after Saka’s departure from Drew Estate.

  12. My Father cigar

    12. My Father

    Battle Rating: 1590 Wins: 3993 Losses: 2096

    My Father is a classic blend that smoked so nice, Master Blender (and cigar legend) Don Pepin named his company and cigar factory for it! It uses an Ecuadorian Habano-Rosado wrapper over Nicaraguan fillers and just seems to embody everything a classic, full-flavored cigar should be.

  13. Liga Privada T52 cigar

    13. Liga Privada T52

    Battle Rating: 1589 Wins: 495 Losses: 151

    Liga Privada T52 is the hugely successful successor to Drew Estate’s Liga Privada No. 9 cigar. T52 uses a special, stalk-cut & cured, sun-grown Habano wrapper from the famed Connecticut River Valley. This rare wrapper makes T52 among Drew Estate’s most limited cigars to this day.

  14. Montecristo No. 2 cigar

    14. Montecristo No. 2

    Battle Rating: 1578 Wins: 6976 Losses: 4601

    Montecristo is the world’s largest cigar brand, and at the center of the brand is the Montecristo No. 2 cigar—the best of the best. Critically acclaimed and world-renowned, it’s a classic, to say the least.

  15. 15. Liga Privada Único Serie L40

    Battle Rating: 1569 Wins: 7625 Losses: 4400

    Liga Privada Único Serie L40 is a semi-limited cigar in Drew Estate’s premium Único series, originally released in July, 2011. These cigars are blended specifically for their individual size, making for the most optimum smoking experience.

  16. Padrón 1926 Serie maduro cigar

    16. Padrón 1926 Serie – Maduro

    Battle Rating: 1568 Wins: 1892 Losses: 1173

    Padrón’s world-famous 1926 Serie cigars were created for brand patriarch José Orlando Padrón’s 75th birthday. These box-pressed Nicaraguan maduros are among the world’s finest, winning more awards than most-any cigar blend ever made.

  17. Padrón Family Reserve 50 Years maduro cigar

    17. Family Reserve 50 Years – Maduro

    Battle Rating: 1567 Wins: 2718 Losses: 1291

    Padrón Family Reserve 50 Years Maduro utilizes the finest tobaccos available from Padrón, having a 5×54 box-pressed robusto vitola, in celebration of the brand’s 50th Anniversary.

  18. Davidoff 702 Series Special R cigar

    18. Davidoff 702 Series – Special R

    Battle Rating: 1566 Wins: 656 Losses: 387

    Davidoff has taken 7 sizes from their traditional “White Label” cigars and replaced their mild wrappers with an Ecuadorian 702 hybrid habano leaf; offering an edgier smoking experience while retaining the original cigar’s refined qualities.

  19. Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Personal Reserve Eye of the Shark cigar

    19. Don Carlos Eye of the Shark

    Battle Rating: 1560 Wins: 4856 Losses: 2794

    Arturo Fuente has released the Don Carlos Eye of the Shark cigar to much fanfare. This undisclosed blend is a limited release, rolled in the famous “Shark” vitola, made popular by the Añejo No. 77 cigar.

  20. Drew Estate Undercrown DOGMA cigar

    20. Undercrown DOGMA

    Battle Rating: 1559 Wins: 7434 Losses: 4446

    The Undercrown Dogma was a limited edition cigar created in collaboration with Cigar Dojo and Drew Estate and sold exclusively at Smoke Inn. The Dogma uses a tweaked blend, making for stronger version of the regular Undercrown cigar. It was also the first-ever box-pressed Undercrown.

  21. Tatuaje TAA 2012 cigar

    21. Tatuaje TAA 2012

    Battle Rating: 1553 Wins: 6819 Losses: 4110

    Tatuaje’s TAA blends are some of the brand’s most popular limited edition cigars. Each year (with the exception of 2013), Tatuaje has released an altered size of this box-pressed Connecticut Broadleaf blend for the Tobacconists’ Association of America.

  22. Fuente Fuente OpusX Lost City cigar

    22. Fuente Fuente OpusX Lost City

    Battle Rating: 1552 Wins: 4340 Losses: 2219

    Fuente Fuente OpusX Lost City is a variation of the famous OpusX blend, which uses an unusual selection of tobaccos grown later in the year, during the summer months. The tobaccos are said to be aged for 5 years before rolling and are created in small batches annually.

  23. Arturo Fuente Casa Fuente cigar

    23. Casa Fuente

    Battle Rating: 1549 Wins: 6176 Losses: 4952

    The Casa Fuente by Arturo Fuente is a special, shop-exclusive cigar made for the Casa Fuente cigar bar (run by Ashton), located in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, NV. The cigar was introduced for the bar’s opening in 2005 and uses a blend that is believed to be based off the legendary OpusX, with a Cameroon wrapper.

  24. Cohiba Siglo II cigar

    24. Siglo II

    Battle Rating: 1548 Wins: 3943 Losses: 3162

    The Cohiba Siglo II is the petit corona vitola in the premium Siglo line by the legendary Cohiba. Measuring 5×42, these are among the most sought-after Cuban cigars.

  25. Padrón 1926 Serie No. 90 maduro cigar

    25. Padrón 1926 Serie No. 90 – Maduro

    Battle Rating: 1545 Wins: 1601 Losses: 1013

    Padrón celebrates brand patriarch José Orlando Padrón’s 90th birthday with the 1926 Serie No. 90, a special version of the 1926 blend in tubo packaging and a rare, non-box-pressed format.

  26. Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 cigar

    26. Hoyo de Monterrey Épicure No. 2

    Battle Rating: 1544 Wins: 6551 Losses: 4833

    Hoyo de Monterrey Épicure No. 2 is among the most notorious robustos in the world. Cigar enthusiasts praise this smoke as being among the world’s best, Cuban or non.

  27. Bolívar Cuban cigar

    27. Bolívar

    Battle Rating: 1543 Wins: 6700 Losses: 4916

    Bolívar is among the most well-known, acclaimed Cuban cigars in the world. With a goodly dose of ligero tobacco, it is known for its bold smoking profile.

  28. Davidoff Yamasá cigar

    28. Davidoff Yamasá

    Battle Rating: 1535 Wins: 1663 Losses: 1215

    Davidoff Yamasá is the fourth release in Davidoff’s popular Black Label series. The blend returns to the Dominican Republic, introducing a new Yamasá-grown leaf—where Davidoff has painstakingly cultivated a barren Dominican soil for 20 years, transforming into a new and unique growing region.

  29. Herrera Estelí TAA Exclusive cigar

    29. Herrera Estelí TAA Exclusive 2016

    Battle Rating: 1530 Wins: 1859 Losses: 1418

    Willy Herrera showcases his blending skills with the Herrera Estelí TAA Exclusive, offering his first Connecticut Broadleaf cigar under Drew Estate. This is a limited production cigar sold exclusively at TAA cigar retailers.

  30. Davidoff Escurio 60x6 cigar

    30. Davidoff Escurio

    Battle Rating: 1530 Wins: 296 Losses: 122

    Davidoff Escurio marks the second cigar in the brand’s Discovery series (aka Black Label), offering exotic flavor inspiration from Rio, Brazil.

  31. Partagas Serie D No. 4 cigar

    31. Partagás Serie D

    Battle Rating: 1528 Wins: 6887 Losses: 4772

    Partagás Serie D is among the most sought-after Cuban cigars in the world, made at the prestigious Partagás Factory, the No. 4 (robusto) size is considered the optimum vitola.

  32. AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata cigar

    32. AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata

    Battle Rating: 1528 Wins: 1685 Losses: 1247

    AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata seeks to provide the perfect “synchronization” of a complex and multinational blend, with fiery Nicaraguan ligero at its core. “Fogata” is Spanish for “bonfire” or “campfire”, highlighting Nicaragua’s untamed nature; balanced by a sophisticated blend of Dominican, Ecuadorian, and Mexican tobaccos.

  33. Cohiba Robusto Cuban cigar

    33. Cohiba Robusto

    Battle Rating: 1528 Wins: 415 Losses: 179

    Cohiba Robusto is part of the Cuban brand’s Línea Clásica series, among the first cigars offered from the brand developed by Fidel Castro in the 1960s. The Robusto was added in 1989, shortly after Cohiba’s official debut in 1982. It is among the most sought-after Cuban robustos.

  34. AVO Syncro Nicaragua cigar

    34. AVO Syncro Nicaragua

    Battle Rating: 1525 Wins: 7118 Losses: 4820

    The first regular release cigar from the newly-rebranded AVO Cigars, the Syncro Nicaragua takes a cue from the bold, rich tobaccos of Nicaragua. Syncro shows a number of “firsts” for the brand, including first regular release Nicaraguan-inspired blend and first regular release box-pressed cigar.

  35. Liga Privada UF-13 Dark cigar

    35. Liga Privada Único Serie UF-13 Dark

    Battle Rating: 1521 Wins: 706 Losses: 463

    Liga Privada Único Serie UF-13 Dark cigars were introduced in 2013. The blend was originally a contender to become the T52 cigar, but was re-branded and re-blended, making for a stronger version of T52, while retaining a similar complexity.

  36. La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor cigar

    36. La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor

    Battle Rating: 1520 Wins: 4756 Losses: 2595

    La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor is made for Ashton by the famed Garcia family in Estelí, Nicaragua. Mi Amor uses a Mexican San Andrés maduro wrapper not found on the baseline LADC cigars.

  37. Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Mi Querida cigar

    37. Mi Querida

    Battle Rating: 1520 Wins: 1619 Losses: 1186

    Mi Querida by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust marks the brand’s highly-anticipated introduction to a Connecticut Broadleaf maduro blend, for which brand owner Steve Saka is well-known.

  38. Tatuaje Cojonu 2009 cigar

    38. Tatuaje Cojonu 2009 Reserva

    Battle Rating: 1519 Wins: 5198 Losses: 3573

    Tatuaje Cojonu 2009 Reserva is the 3rd release in the Cojonu series by Tatuaje. These cigars feature more full-bodied blends than the traditional Brown Label cigars.

  39. Diamond Crown Maximus cigar

    39. Diamond Crown Maximus

    Battle Rating: 1517 Wins: 2002 Losses: 1690

    With the combined talents of the Fuente, Newman, and Oliva cigar families, the Diamond Crown Maximus marks one of the finest maduro cigars in the world. The cigar is rolled at the Fuente factory, using a special, Ecuador Sumatra leaf grown by Oliva.

  40. AVO Syncro South America Ritmo cigar

    40. AVO Syncro South America Ritmo

    Battle Rating: 1515 Wins: 90 Losses: 53

    AVO Syncro South America Ritmo offers a more exotic experience for AVO’s Syncro series, venturing to South America with Ecuador, Peru, and Brazilian leaves. These are brought to “synchronization” with a diverse blend that spans a total of seven countries, making for a refined, yet adventurous experience.

  41. Arturo Fuente Añejo No. 77 the Shark cigar

    41. Añejo No. 77 “Shark”

    Battle Rating: 1512 Wins: 7739 Losses: 4251

    The Añejo No. 77 “Shark” cigar is the most sought-after size in the legendary Añejo line by Arturo Fuente. The cigars feature a unique, box-pressed Piramide vitola and a cognac-aged Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper over Dominican fillers.

  42. Drew Estate Liga Privada Dirty Rat cigar

    42. Dirty Rat

    Battle Rating: 1511 Wins: 4820 Losses: 2846

    Dirty Rat is the first cigar in Drew Estate’s Liga Privada Único Serie, a collection of premium cigars featuring custom-tweaked blends to fit unique vitolas.

  43. Davidoff Puro d'Oro Eminentes cigar

    43. Davidoff Puro d’Oro

    Battle Rating: 1511 Wins: 1082 Losses: 842

    Davidoff Puro d’Oro incorporates a unique, Dominican Yamasá wrapper—a proprietary tobacco pioneered by Davidoff Master Blender Hendrik Kelner over the course of 10 years. The cigar uses a Dominican puro blend, offering a refined profile.

  44. Tatuaje Havana VI Verocu cigar

    44. Havana VI Verocu

    Battle Rating: 1510 Wins: 4262 Losses: 3268

    Tatuaje Havana VI Verocu cigars are now a regular production release from Tatuaje. The cigars feature a tweaked, more full-bodied blend from the original “Red Label” cigars.

  45. Drew Estate Undercrown Flying Pig cigar

    45. Undercrown Flying Pig

    Battle Rating: 1510 Wins: 713 Losses: 468

    Drew Estate introduced their fan-favorite “Flying Pig” size to the Undercrown line of cigars in 2012. The cigars were originally available only to the Netherlands and considered among Drew Estate’s most sought after releases.

  46. Herrera Esteli Edicion Limitada 2014 lancero cigar

    46. Herrera Esteli Edicion Limitada 2014 Lancero

    Battle Rating: 1509 Wins: 7086 Losses: 4512

    While the regular Herrera Esteli blend was well received most aficionados agree the Edicion Limitada lancero is the best vital of this amazing cigar.

  47. RoMa Craft CroMagnon cigar

    47. CroMagnon

    Battle Rating: 1507 Wins: 370 Losses: 251

    RoMa Craft introduced their popular CroMagnon line of cigars in 2011, using a clean and modernized design, full flavors, and low cost to attract consumers. The cigar’s “early man” theme has since carried over to other blends in RoMa Craft’s portfolio.

  48. Tatuaje Reserva K 222 cigar

    48. Tatuaje Reserva K 222

    Battle Rating: 1504 Wins: 1637 Losses: 1319

    Tatuaje’s Reserva K 222 was made to commemorate brand owner Pete Johnson’s dog passing in 2015. The blend is a cross between Tatuaje’s Cojonu 2003 and Reserva J21. The cigars are the first new regular production blend from Tatuaje to be produced in Miami since 2009.

  49. Davidoff Winston Churchill The Late Hour cigar

    49. The Late Hour

    Battle Rating: 1504 Wins: 108 Losses: 55

    Davidoff Winston Churchill The Late Hour is the second cigar under Davidoff’s luxury Winston Churchill brand. This unique blend incorporates Nicaraguan tobacco aged in used Scotch barrels.

  50. Oliva Serie V Melanio cigar

    50. Oliva Serie V Melanio

    Battle Rating: 1503 Wins: 4430 Losses: 2118

    Oliva Serie V Melanio is the most premium offering from Oliva Cigar Co. It was originally introduced in 2012 and has since earned top accolades industry-wide, including Cigar Aficionado’s #1 cigar for 2014.

  51. Hoyo de Monterrey Du Prince cigar

    51. Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Prince

    Battle Rating: 1503 Wins: 1662 Losses: 1479

    Of all the cigars in the Hoyo de Monterrey lineup, the Le Hoyo series often ranks among the most prized by connoisseurs. In this series, the cigars showcase smaller, petit frontmaks and a more edgy profile (though still not exceeding medium). A gentle spice is present throughout, along with honey sweetness, citrus, and a light cedar.

  52. Tatuaje TAA 2016 cigar

    52. Tatuaje TAA 2016

    Battle Rating: 1503 Wins: 1757 Losses: 1328

    Tatuaje TAA 2016 brings back the same vitola as the fan-favorite Tatuaje TAA 2012 cigar. This box-pressed maduro has become a seasonal must-buy for cigar enthusiasts, praised for its full flavor and ageability.

  53. Drew Estate Undercrown Sun Grown

    53. Undercrown Sun Grown

    Battle Rating: 1502 Wins: 118 Losses: 56

    Drew Estate Undercrown Sun Grown is the third cigar in the Undercrown series of cigars, using a Nicaraguan blend and Ecuadorian Sumatra Sun Grown wrapper. This unique blend sets itself apart from the heavy-hitting maduro of the original or the mild characteristics of Undercrown Shade—falling somewhere in between.

  54. Drew Estate Undercrown Shade cigar

    54. Undercrown Shade

    Battle Rating: 1501 Wins: 4553 Losses: 3367

    Drew Estate has unveiled the Undercrown Shade, the long-awaited counterpart to the original Undercrown cigar. The cigar features an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper over a diverse filler blend, making for a more full-bodied version of the traditionally smooth Connecticut.

  55. Tatuaje Black Label Corona Gorda 2013 cigar

    55. Tatuaje Black Label Corona Gorda 2013

    Battle Rating: 1500 Wins: 4185 Losses: 2512

    Tatuaje Black Label Corona Gorda 2013, also known as “Private Reserve”, is a fan-favorite, limited edition cigar re-released for Tatuaje’s 10th anniversary. The blend was made as Pete’s Johnson’s attempt at re-creating a custom-rolled cigar he had fallen in love with while spending time in Cuba.

  56. My Father Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial cigar

    56. Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial

    Battle Rating: 1500 Wins: 3118 Losses: 2005

    Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial is Jaime’s own blend, son of the famous José “Pepin” Garcia. Jaime showcases a darker side for the typically-Cubanesque brand, using a thick, Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper over Nicaraguan fillers.

  57. Liga Privada Papas Fritas

    57. Liga Privada Papas Fritas

    Battle Rating: 1499 Wins: 6097 Losses: 5350

    Papas Fritas are the affordable, snack-sized Liga Privada offering. These “French Fries” feature short-filler tobaccos from original Liga Privada cigars.

  58. Crowned Heads Las Calaveras Edición Limitada 2014 cigar

    58. Las Calaveras Edición Limitada 2014

    Battle Rating: 1498 Wins: 6834 Losses: 4795

    The legendary Las Calaveras EL 2014 cigar went on to be among the most popular cigars throughout 2014 and remains a fan-favorite smoke in the cigar scene to this day. Largely considered superior to its 2015 variant.

  59. Crowned Heads Las Calaveras 2016 cigar

    59. Las Calaveras Edición Limitada 2016

    Battle Rating: 1498 Wins: 1729 Losses: 1408

    Crowned Heads introduces the third blend in their hugely popular Las Calaveras series. Las Calaveras EL 2016 features the first use of Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper tobacco for the limited/seasonal series.

  60. AVO 90th Classic Covers Volume 4 cigar

    60. Classic Covers Volume 4

    Battle Rating: 1498 Wins: 708 Losses: 577

    AVO cleverly incorporates a music-inspired theme into a 2-year, limited edition series that “covers” their original cigars with upgraded versions, ending with 2016’s Classic Covers Volume 4 cigar, based on the brand’s AVO Domaine blend.

  61. Davidoff Nicaragua cigar

    61. Davidoff Nicaragua

    Battle Rating: 1497 Wins: 257 Losses: 103

    Davidoff, famed for producing ultra-premium cigars out of the Dominican Republic (and previously Cuba), introduced the head-turning Davidoff Nicaragua in 2013; using a Nicaraguan puro blend and rolled at their own Cidav factory in the Dominican Republic. This is the first in Davidoff’s “Black Label” series.

  62. Foundation Cigar Company The Tabernacle cigar

    62. The Tabernacle

    Battle Rating: 1494 Wins: 1589 Losses: 1426

    The Tabernacle is the highly anticipated sophomore release from Foundation Cigar Co. Nick Melillo showcases his blending talents with a full-bodied, Connecticut Broadleaf maduro blend.

  63. AJ Fernandez Enclave cigar

    63. AJ Fernandez Enclave

    Battle Rating: 1493 Wins: 6901 Losses: 5028

    Released in 2015 the Enclave by AJ Fernandez is a flavorful, yet affordable cigar made at Tabacalera Fernandez in Nicaragua. Wrapped in a Ecuadorian habano rosado the Enclave is not short on flavor.

  64. LFD Andalusian Bull cigar

    64. Andalusian Bull

    Battle Rating: 1493 Wins: 1414 Losses: 1083

    La Flor Dominicana follows up their successful “La Nox” cigar with the new “Andalusian Bull” for 2016. Limited in production and using proprietary tobaccos, these intricately rolled figurados are full-bodied, yet smooth.

  65. San Cristobal Ovation cigar

    65. San Cristobal Ovation

    Battle Rating: 1492 Wins: 3857 Losses: 3066

    San Cristobal Ovation is the first limited edition cigar in the SC line. Crafted by the famed Garcia family, Ovation uses a special 2.5 year double-fermentation on its San Andrés Oscuro wrapper.

  66. Warped Maestro del Tiempo 6102R cigar

    66. Maestro del Tiempo 6102R

    Battle Rating: 1489 Wins: 1376 Losses: 1317

    Warped “masters time” with the Maestro del Tiempo 6102R cigar. This limited edition version of the Maestro del Tiempo blend showcases the rare medio tiempo ligero tobacco in the cigar’s filler; amping up the flavor and strength of the blend.

  67. My Father Le Bijou 1922 cigar

    67. Le Bijou 1922

    Battle Rating: 1488 Wins: 3605 Losses: 1786

    My Father introduced the Le Bijou 1922 cigar in 2009, an ultra-premium blend using 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos and a very dark, Habano Oscuro wrapper. The cigar is known for its full-bodied complexity of spicy/sweet nuances.

  68. Maestro del Tiempo 5205 cigar

    68. Maestro del Tiempo 5205

    Battle Rating: 1488 Wins: 1282 Losses: 1186

    Maestro del Tiempo 5205 is one of two regular production vitolas in Warped Cigars’ 5th Nicaraguan puro lines out of the famed TABSA factory. Maestro del Tiempo lonsdale showcases tobacco varieties from unique locations within the AGANORSA portfolio.

  69. Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva Sun Grown cigar

    69. Gran Reserva Sun Grown

    Battle Rating: 1487 Wins: 2392 Losses: 1831

    Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva Sun Grown takes the brand’s classic Gran Reserva blend and tops it with an oily, Ecuadorian Sun-Grown wrapper, finished in Spanish cedar vaults and packaged in cedar sleeves.

  70. RoMa Craft Tobac Neanderthal cigar

    70. Neanderthal

    Battle Rating: 1485 Wins: 6244 Losses: 5024

    The Neanderthal cigar by RoMa Craft Tobac is the brand’s first new blend since 2012. This Mexican maduro-wrapped smoke uses an extra heavy dose of ligero tobacco.

  71. Herrera Estelí cigar

    71. Herrera Estelí

    Battle Rating: 1481 Wins: 4288 Losses: 2437

    Herrera Estelí was the first cigar blended by Willy Herrera after joining Drew Estate. This Habano blend went on to win multiple awards throughout 2013. The cigars have proven quite successful, with multiple sizes and exclusives added to the line since its launch.

  72. Tatuaje 10th Anniversary cigar

    72. Tatuaje 10th Anniversary

    Battle Rating: 1481 Wins: 1876 Losses: 1371

    Tatuaje 10th Anniversary cigars utilize the original Seleccion de Cazador “Brown Label” blend, featuring two new sizes and updated band design.

  73. Espinosa Laranja Reserva cigar

    73. Laranja Reserva

    Battle Rating: 1477 Wins: 7472 Losses: 4509

    The Espinosa Laranja Reserva set a new standard in style and quality throughout the Espinosa Cigars lineup. The cigar features a strikingly orange-hued Brazilian wrapper.

  74. Quesada 40th Anniversary cigar

    74. Quesada 40th Anniversary

    Battle Rating: 1475 Wins: 5607 Losses: 5511

    The Quesada 40th Anniversary cigar commemorates the company’s Master Blender Manuel Quesada and his 40 years in the cigar industry with a special blend.

  75. Joya de Nicaragua Cuatro Cinco cigar

    75. Cuatro Cinco Reserva Especial

    Battle Rating: 1474 Wins: 3694 Losses: 3285

    Cuatro Cinco Reserva Especial by Joya de Nicaragua is a re-release of the original cigar from 2013. The cigars are now back by popular demand, with a slightly tweaked blend. Cuatro Cinco features Grade A Nicaraguan tobaccos aged in vintage, white oak barrels.

  76. Ramón Allones Superiores cigar

    76. Ramón Allones Superiores

    Battle Rating: 1473 Wins: 5857 Losses: 5301

    Take your old standby Ramón Allones and amp it up! These limited edition smokes are a shop-exclusive for La Casa Del Habanos (we Americans only wish we had access) and are in high demand!

  77. Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Dark Corojo cigar

    77. Antaño Dark Corojo

    Battle Rating: 1472 Wins: 2355 Losses: 2540

    Antaño Dark Corojo comes from Joya de Nicaragua, the oldest factory in Nicaragua. This is an ultra-bold smoke, showcasing the power of Nicaraguan tobaccos. In fact, Joya warns you straight away, “Novices need not light.”

  78. Warped Flor Del Valle cigar

    78. Flor del Valle

    Battle Rating: 1471 Wins: 3609 Losses: 3340

    Flor del Valle is one of the original cigar lines from Warped Cigars, a modern brand that is quickly rising in popularity among cigar enthusiasts. The cigar is a revived Cuban brand that uses classic Cuban rolling techniques with 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos.

  79. Herrera Estelí Miami cigar

    79. Herrera Estelí Miami

    Battle Rating: 1470 Wins: 785 Losses: 559

    Herrera Estelí Miami combines the world-renowned talents of the El Titan de Bronze factory with Drew Estate’s unparalleled selection of tobaccos. Drew Estate Master Blender Willy Herrera returns to his family’s own ETDB factory, crafting a special experience for the connoisseur.

  80. Ashton ESG cigar

    80. Ashton ESG

    Battle Rating: 1469 Wins: 7007 Losses: 4777

    The Aston ESG (Estate Sun Grown) is a Dominican puro that is wrapped in a luxurious, flavorful, and very rare, shade grown Cuban seed tobacco. Priced around $20, these are not intended to be a daily smoke but work perfect for a celebratory cigar.

  81. Crowned Heads La Imperiosa cigar

    81. La Imperiosa

    Battle Rating: 1469 Wins: 4073 Losses: 3193

    La Imperiosa is the highly-requested return of the fan-favorite Las Calaveras EL14 cigar from Crowned Heads. The cigar is now a regular production release, using the same blend but differing in size and branding.

  82. E.P. Carrillo La Historia cigar

    82. La Historia

    Battle Rating: 1469 Wins: 2879 Losses: 1998

    E.P. Carrillo breaks away from their standard look and taste, using a Mexican San Andrés wrapper (a first for the brand’s regular release cigars) for a deeper, more rich smoking experience. La Historia is known for its prestigious #2 spot on Cigar Aficionado’s 2014 Cigar of the Year list.

  83. Cubariqueño Cigar Co. Protocol Probable Cause cigar

    83. Protocol Probable Cause

    Battle Rating: 1468 Wins: 1209 Losses: 1169

    Probable Cause is the followup to Cubariqueño’s first release, Protocol. The name draws from the brand owner’s backgrounds in law enforcement. Probable Cause utilizes a new blend, featuring Nicaraguan tobaccos wrapped in a San Andrés Mexican maduro wrapper.

  84. Padrón Series - Maduro cigar

    84. Padrón Series – Maduro

    Battle Rating: 1467 Wins: 3857 Losses: 2336

    The Padrón Series is among the most recognized cigars in the world. Also known as the “Thousand Series”, these Nicaraguan puros are Padrón’s baseline cigar offering.

  85. Davidoff Nicaragua Box Pressed cigar

    85. Davidoff Nicaragua Box Pressed

    Battle Rating: 1467 Wins: 2113 Losses: 1397

    First introduced in 2013, Davidoff shocked the cigar world by introducing a Nicaraguan puro to their lineup. Now, Davidoff returns to the rich Nicaraguan soils, amping up the experience for a spicier, “bitter sweet” performance.

  86. Padrón Dámaso cigar

    86. Padrón Dámaso

    Battle Rating: 1463 Wins: 6149 Losses: 5604

    Padrón Dámaso marks a huge change for Padrón, one of the world’s leading cigar brands. For the first time, a Padrón cigar features a Connecticut-seed wrapper. This cigar fills the gap in their lineup, now including a premium cigar for the mild palate.

  87. A.J. Fernandez Bellas Artes cigar

    87. Bellas Artes

    Battle Rating: 1463 Wins: 1499 Losses: 1238

    Bellas Artes is the most ambitious blend to date from AJF Cigar Co. The blend incorporates a proprietary, hybrid wrapper, combining 3 seeds for the new “Rojita” leaf, wrapped over a complex filler blend of 6 regions.

  88. Illusione Epernay cigar

    88. Epernay

    Battle Rating: 1462 Wins: 5311 Losses: 5726

    Illusione Epernay is a Nicaraguan puro, featuring a smooth and delicate profile, with full flavors and a brilliant complexity. The cigar uses a unique, ligero-free blend that takes away any intense nicotine kick, replaced with subtle nuances.

  89. Caldwell The Last Tsar cigar

    89. The Last Tsar

    Battle Rating: 1462 Wins: 3394 Losses: 3687

    Caldwell’s The Last Tsar is an ultra-premium cigar made in small batches at the Tabacalera William Ventura factory in the Dominican Republic. Differing from the Caldwell Collection, very little is known of the blend other than a Hybrid Connecticut Arapiraca Maduro wrapper.

  90. Quesada Reserva Privada Oscuro cigar

    90. Quesada Reserva Privada Oscuro

    Battle Rating: 1460 Wins: 1576 Losses: 1342

    Quesada Reserva Privada Oscuro takes the original blend from 2015, featuring extremely aged tobaccos, and replaces the delicate Connecticut shade wrapper with a Connecticut Broadleaf maduro leaf, making for a new take on this fan-favorite blend.

  91. La Flor Dominicana La Nox cigar

    91. La Nox

    Battle Rating: 1459 Wins: 3539 Losses: 3225

    LFD La Nox is all about “the night”. La Flor Dominicana has created a premium blend featuring dark, Brazilian maduro tobacco to match an equally dark packaging and presentation.

  92. New World by AJ Fernandez cigar

    92. New World

    Battle Rating: 1459 Wins: 4121 Losses: 2589

    New World marked the next era for industry veteran A.J. Fernandez. Co-blended with A.J.’s father, the cigars feature big flavors and an unusually affordable price. A common favorite amongst maduro enthusiasts as a daily, budget smoke.

  93. Alec Bradley Prensado cigar

    93. Prensado

    Battle Rating: 1459 Wins: 2456 Losses: 1961

    Alec Bradley Prensado is best known for winning CA’s Cigar of the Year award in 2011. Since then, Alec Bradley has been a staple in many cigar enthusiast’s humidors. Highlights include a near-perfect, box-pressed construction, full flavors, and a unique, tangy profile.

  94. Caldwell Eastern Standard Dos Firmas cigar

    94. Dos Firmas

    Battle Rating: 1458 Wins: 1419 Losses: 1339

    Dos Firmas is the third cigar under Caldwell’s Eastern Standard lineup, introducing a special “signature” blend from industry veteran William Ventura – developed over twenty years before the cigar’s launch.

  95. La Palina Maduro cigar

    95. La Palina Maduro

    Battle Rating: 1457 Wins: 1734 Losses: 1660

    The La Palina Black Label blend takes this classy, traditional cigar brand down a darker road, making good use of their first Mexican San Andrés maduro blend. Expect a maduro with less grit and more refinement, having a sweet and buttery quality, with cocoa and spice tossed in for good measure.

  96. RoMa Crfat Tobac Intemperance BA XXI cigar

    96. Intemperance BA XXI

    Battle Rating: 1456 Wins: 5795 Losses: 5492

    RoMa Craft Intemperance BA XXI cigars showcase the darker side of this line, using a unique Brazilian Arapiraca maduro wrapper over a diverse, multi-national filler blend.

  97. Illusione Rothchildes cigar

    97. Illusione *R* Rothchildes

    Battle Rating: 1454 Wins: 4222 Losses: 3605

    Illusione *R* Rothchildes is heavily considered among the best value cigars in the world. Enthusiasts buy Rothchildes by the 50-count box to smoke daily—with full flavors, this $3 – $4 cigar is nearly unbeatable.

  98. Illusione Singularé 2013 Rose Croix cigar

    98. Singularé 2013 Rose Croix

    Battle Rating: 1454 Wins: 613 Losses: 641

    Illusione’s limited edition offering for 2013 was the Singularé 2013 Rose Croix, a Nicaraguan puro rolled with select tobaccos in a large, Churchill size. The cigars were limited to only 900 boxes of 15, due to availability of the rare AGANORSA tobaccos used.

  99. Ashton VSG Virgin Sun Grown cigar

    99. Ashton VSG

    Battle Rating: 1453 Wins: 6819 Losses: 4769

    Ashton Virgin Sun Grown cigars feature a proprietary, sun-grown wrapper over Dominican fillers that have been blended by the renowned Fuente family in the Dominican Republic.

  100. Ashton Symmetry cigar

    100. Ashton Symmetry

    Battle Rating: 1453 Wins: 1861 Losses: 1351

    Ashton looks to find perfect “symmetry” with their first Ashton-branded product in years. Nicaragua meets Dominican tobaccos for a rich and balanced experience—blended, as usual, by the prestigious Fuente family.

  101. Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story Maduro cigar

    101. Hemingway Short Story Maduro

    Battle Rating: 1451 Wins: 4492 Losses: 2929

    The Hemingway Short Story Maduro uses the base blend of Fuente’s Hemingway cigar, with a dark, Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper replacing the standard Cameroon leaf of the original.

  102. Nat Sherman Timeless Collection Nicaragua cigar

    102. Timeless Collection Nicaragua

    Battle Rating: 1451 Wins: 2262 Losses: 2068

    Nat Sherman Timeless Collection Nicaragua is the Nicaraguan-inspired followup to 2012’s NS Timeless (Dominican) cigar. It features a 100% Nicaraguan puro blend, made at the renowned Plasencia factory in Nicaragua.

  103. Drew Estate Nica Rustica cigar

    103. Nica Rustica

    Battle Rating: 1450 Wins: 2762 Losses: 2134

    For most Drew Estate fans (and cigar fans in general), Nica Rustica was just what the Dr. ordered. The Undercrown often served as the affordable alternative to the premium Liga Privada cigars, but lacked the heavy Broadleaf wrapper of Liga. Nica Rustica fills the gap, offering dense and earthy flavors at a much more friendly price.

  104. Caldwell Eastern Standard Midnight Express Maduro cigar

    104. Midnight Express

    Battle Rating: 1448 Wins: 1319 Losses: 1374

    Caldwell introduces a new take on their popular Eastern Standard cigar with Midnight Express; trading out the original Connecticut Hybrid Ecuadoriano leaf for a dark, Conecticut Arapiraca Maduro wrapper.

  105. LFD Double Ligero Chisel cigar

    105. Double Ligero Chisel

    Battle Rating: 1446 Wins: 6403 Losses: 5363

    Featuring one of the most unique shapes in the cigar world the Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel is a modified torpedo which is flattened out at the head. The Dominican filler and binders are wrapped in a beautiful and oily looking Ecuadorian Sumatra Sun Grown leaf.

  106. My Father Flor de Las Antillas cigar

    106. Flor de las Antillas

    Battle Rating: 1444 Wins: 7022 Losses: 4863

    Flor de las Antillas is best known as the #1 cigar of the year in 2012. This My Father cigar provides a ton of classic flavors at an affordable price.

  107. Protocol cigar

    107. Protocol

    Battle Rating: 1444 Wins: 5286 Losses: 5616

    The Protocol cigar features a Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro wrapper and a quadruple ligero filler. This is the first release from Cubariqueño Cigar Company.

  108. San Cristóbal de La Habana cigar

    108. San Cristóbal de La Habana El Príncipe

    Battle Rating: 1444 Wins: 1406 Losses: 1556

    El Príncipe by San Cristóbal de La Habana is the smallest size in the lineup. This Petit Corona offers a mild-medium body and surprisingly intricate and complex flavors for its size—described as heavy in floral and cocoa nuances.

  109. Illusione Haut 10 cigar

    109. Haut 10

    Battle Rating: 1444 Wins: 1190 Losses: 1339

    Illusione celebrates their 10th anniversary with a special Nicaraguan puro blend, dubbed Haut 10. Working with the esteemed TABSA factory and AGANORSA farms, a special blend has been chosen, featuring a “Grade AAA” Cafe Claro Corojo wrapper and triple sorting to guarantee supreme performance.

  110. La Hacienda by Warped Cigars

    110. La Hacienda

    Battle Rating: 1443 Wins: 5720 Losses: 5538

    Warped Cigars continues its quest to bring the classic Cuban cigar heritage to the modern smoker. La Hacienda offers a medium-bodied, well-balanced smoking experience at a surprisingly affordable price point.

  111. RoMa Craft Wunder|Lust cigar

    111. Wunder|Lust

    Battle Rating: 1441 Wins: 217 Losses: 207

    RoMa Craft debuted the unorthodox Wunder|Lust cigar at the tail end of 2015, releasing a unique blend exclusively to the German cigar market. The blend smokes much differently than RoMa Craft’s usual portfolio, offering a more delicate and aromatic experience, highlighted by a “mysterious” tobacco in the cigar’s filler.

  112. Illusione "Original Documents" cigar

    112. Illusione “Original Documents”

    Battle Rating: 1439 Wins: 2746 Losses: 2895

    Illusione’s first core-line offering, “Original Documents”, features a Nicaraguan puro blend and is a true small batch offering, utilizing the premium Aganorsa tobaccos and being crafted at the esteemed TABSA factory in Nicaragua.

  113. Padrón Dámaso No. 32 cigar

    113. Padrón Dámaso No. 32

    Battle Rating: 1439 Wins: 1619 Losses: 1430

    Padrón introduced two new sizes to its Dámaso lineup at IPCPR 2016. The Dámaso No. 32 features a new size and an “amped up” blend, for a fuller Connecticut profile.

  114. Espinosa Crema cigar

    114. Espinosa Crema

    Battle Rating: 1439 Wins: 1372 Losses: 1409

    Espinosa Premium Cigars veers from their usual, high-octane releases with the Espinosa Crema—showcasing a more mellow and creamy smoking experience—expanding their core lineup to include a broader range of profiles for cigar enthusiasts.

  115. San Lotano Oval cigar by AJ Fernandez

    115. San Lotano Oval

    Battle Rating: 1437 Wins: 2455 Losses: 2114

    San Lotano Oval was introduced in 2011 by boutique manufacturer AJ Fernandez. AJ offered the unique concept of an oval-shaped Habano cigar—which, aside from looking unique, fits perfectly in the mouth. A long-time popular choice from craft cigar enthusiasts since its launch.

  116. H. Upmann Cuban cigar

    116. H. Upmann

    Battle Rating: 1435 Wins: 2955 Losses: 3209

    H. Upmann is among the oldest and most recognized Cuban cigar brands in the world, dating back to 1844. Typically, the profile is a more mild strength when compared to some of the other sought-after Cuban cigars.

  117. Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills cigar

    117. Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills

    Battle Rating: 1434 Wins: 5448 Losses: 5852

    Wide Churchills is a new size variant of the popular Cuban brand, released in 2010, shortly after the successful Short Churchill size. It is among the most popular RyJ cigars, having a unique vitola in the Cuban cigar world.

  118. Tatuaje L′Esprit de Vérité Robusto 2008 Vintage cigar

    118. L′Esprit de Vérité Robusto 2008 Vintage

    Battle Rating: 1434 Wins: 4935 Losses: 5789

    L′Esprit de Vérité Robusto 2008 Vintage is an ultra-limited run cigar that emulates wine, using tobaccos grown from a singular farm in Estelí, Nicaragua.

  119. AJ Fernandez Last Call cigar

    119. Last Call

    Battle Rating: 1434 Wins: 1523 Losses: 1602

    Last Call marks the first cigar under the new Portfolio Series by AJ Fernández, offering the cigars exclusively to brick & mortar retailers. The cigars are value-priced, like many AJ blends, featuring a short, yet fulfilling experience.

  120. Illusione Gigantes cigar

    120. Illusione *G* Gigantes

    Battle Rating: 1431 Wins: 1291 Losses: 1525

    Illusione *G* Gigantes is the big brother to the brand’s popular *R* Rothchildes cigar. A large Gordo size and affordable price (combined with premium Aganorsa tobacco) make it all-the-more attractive as the enthusiast’s go-to choice.

  121. Cornelius & Anthony Venganza cigar

    121. Venganza

    Battle Rating: 1431 Wins: 1306 Losses: 1481

    Cornelius & Anthony debuted Venganza at IPCPR 2016. Their 4th release in the lineup, Venganza features a more premium and full-bodied experience, compared to their other cigars from the La Zona factory in Estelí, Nicaragua.

  122. Ramón Allones Allones Extra Edición Limitada 2011 cigar

    122. Allones Extra Edición Limitada 2011

    Battle Rating: 1431 Wins: 991 Losses: 874

    Ramón Allones Allones Extra Edición Limitada 2011 was the 3rd cigar selected for Habanos’ limited series, reviving the classic “Allones Extra” band. The cigars feature a darker wrapper, using top leaves of the Tapado. Tobaccos are specially selected and aged for at least 2 years. The cigars are known for their intense flavor and body.

  123. Trinidad Fundadores cigar

    123. Trinidad Fundadores

    Battle Rating: 1430 Wins: 1232 Losses: 1252

    Trinidad Fundadores was the first size officially sold to the public from the Cuban brand. The cigars bear many similarities to their Cohiba siblings and were originally only available as a diplomatic gift from Fidel Castro.

  124. Flor de D'Crossier 512 cigar

    124. Flor de D’Crossier 512

    Battle Rating: 1429 Wins: 6006 Losses: 4993

    The Flor de D’Crossier 512 is D’Crossier Cigars first attempt at a inexpensive offering and they hit a home run. These Costa Rican, salty, sweet, and savory, cigars feature a perfect draw, tons of flavor, and endless satisfaction. The Corona Gorda size it the best in our opinion but frankly you can’t go wrong with any vitola of Flor de D’Crissier 512.

  125. Por Larrañaga Petit Coronas cigar

    125. Por Larrañaga Petit Coronas

    Battle Rating: 1429 Wins: 157 Losses: 173

    Por Larrañaga is the world’s oldest cigar brand in current production. The Por Larrañaga Petit Coronas size is among Cuba’s most sought-after small cigar, showcasing a mild to medium profile that caters towards delicate and complex nuances over strength and body.

  126. Cornelius & Anthony Cornelius cigar

    126. Cornelius

    Battle Rating: 1428 Wins: 1433 Losses: 1604

    Cornelius & Anthony Premium Cigars are among the most talked about brands coming into 2016. Their first release is known as Cornelius, featuring a luxury-priced blend made out of the famed El Titan de Bronze factory in Miami’s Little Havana Neighborhood.

  127. Sancho Panza Belicosos cigar

    127. Sancho Panza Belicosos

    Battle Rating: 1428 Wins: 533 Losses: 584

    Sancho Panza is among the oldest Cuban cigar brands still in existence (dating back to 1848), with the intricately-crafted Belicosos size being among the most popular in the series. The blend showcases a medium body.

  128. El Güegüense cigar by Foundation Cigar Co.

    128. El Güegüense

    Battle Rating: 1427 Wins: 6447 Losses: 5319

    El Güegüense is the first cigar from Foundation Cigar Co., a new project from Nick Melillo—one of the most decorated cigar blenders for the modern era.

  129. Camacho Shellback cigar

    129. Shellback

    Battle Rating: 1427 Wins: 3159 Losses: 4143

    This 6×50 toro is a limited cigar and features an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with Nicaraguan binder and fillers. Shellback is a limited release cigar for 2015, incorporating a nautical theme.

  130. Caldwell Savages cigar

    130. Savages

    Battle Rating: 1427 Wins: 1489 Losses: 1380

    Savages is a special release from Caldwell Cigar Co., offered only to Caldwell’s best retail accounts. The blend showcases a more premium iteration of the brand’s popular Long Live the King cigar.

  131. Tatuaje Reserva RC184 cigar

    131. Tatuaje Reserva RC184

    Battle Rating: 1426 Wins: 1539 Losses: 1404

    Tatuaje Reserva RC184 is among the most premium regular offerings from Tatuaje. It stands for “Retro Cuban”, honoring an authentic Cuban style; with premium foil packaging and a smooth, refined flavor profile.

  132. Ramón Allones cigar

    132. Ramón Allones

    Battle Rating: 1425 Wins: 6017 Losses: 5386

    Ramón Allones is one of the oldest and most well-known cigar brands in the world (est. 1845). This medium-full bodied, luxurious smoke claims fame to some serious pioneering in the cigar world, including inventing the cigar band and using colorful lithographs for box art.

  133. La Barba One and Only cigar

    133. One and Only

    Battle Rating: 1424 Wins: 843 Losses: 994

    One and Only is the 2016 limited edition blend by La Barba. The cigars are limited to 500 boxes of 10 and use an undisclosed blend, made in the Dominican Republic at Tabacalera William Ventura.

  134. Oliva Master Blends 3 cigar

    134. Master Blends 3

    Battle Rating: 1423 Wins: 3966 Losses: 3100

    The Oliva Master Blends 3 was originally released as a limited edition cigar in 2006. It is now crafted on a regular basis in small quantities out of Oliva’s factory in Nicaragua.

  135. Illusione Maduro cigar

    135. Illusione Maduro

    Battle Rating: 1423 Wins: 1615 Losses: 1625

    Illusione Maduro is the maduro variant of the brand’s baseline “Original Documents” cigar. This is a true small batch operation, with very careful attention to detail, being rolled by the highly-esteemed TABSA factory in Nicaragua. The cigar’s Mexican San Andrés maduro wrapper adds a nutty sweetness to this fan-favorite blend.

  136. San Cristobal Elegancia cigar

    136. San Cristobal Elegancia

    Battle Rating: 1423 Wins: 271 Losses: 305

    Ashton introduced an Ecuadorian Connecticut blend to its San Cristobal lineup in 2011, teaming with the famed Garcia family to blend the Elegancia. The cigar is the only Connecticut Shade offering from San Cristobal, offering a fuller-bodied experience than Connecticuts of old—hovering around the medium-light-body range.

  137. Room101 Master Collection Three cigar

    137. Master Collection Three

    Battle Rating: 1422 Wins: 4556 Losses: 6148

    Master Collection Three by Room101 is the epic conclusion to the brand’s upscale, limited edition trilogy. The cigar uses an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper over DOminican and Nicaraguan fillers, crafted at the Camacho factory in Honduras.

  138. Plasencia Alma Fuerte cigar

    138. Plasencia Alma Fuerte

    Battle Rating: 1422 Wins: 552 Losses: 528

    Alma Fuerte is the first in a series of releases from the new Plasencia 1865 brand, where the famed Plasencia family of Nicaraguan tobacco artisans can adequately showcase their 5 generations-worth of tobacco expertise.

  139. Bombay Tobak Gaaja cigar

    139. Gaaja

    Battle Rating: 1421 Wins: 1259 Losses: 1395

    Bombay Tobak introduces their first line outside their popular MBombay series with Gaaja. The name translates to mean “Elephant”, which, in Hindu mythology, elephants teach patience. This is displayed in the years it took to procure the impressive selection of tobaccos from many regions of the world.

  140. Sensei's Sensational Sarsaparilla II cigar

    140. Sensei’s Sensational Sarsaparilla II

    Battle Rating: 1421 Wins: 1207 Losses: 1159

    Sensei’s Sensational Sarsaparilla II is the limited edition followup to the 2014 original. The cigars are a collaboration with Cigar Dojo and the La Zona factory. The sequel uses the original blend with a more slender, toro vitola.

  141. La Palina Mr. Sam cigar

    141. Mr. Sam

    Battle Rating: 1419 Wins: 5910 Losses: 5160

    La Palina Mr. Sam cigars are a special blend made to commemorate the brand’s founder, Sam Paley. Mr. Sam is rolled at the famed El Titan de Bronze factory in Miami, Florida, which employs only the highest level cigar rollers.

  142. Tatuaje Seleccion de Cazador cigar

    142. Seleccion de Cazador

    Battle Rating: 1419 Wins: 222 Losses: 185

    Tatuaje Seleccion de Cazador is commonly known as “Brown Label.” The cigars use traditional Cuban techniques for an authentic, old-world smoking experience.

  143. Warped Flor del Valle Sky Flower cigar

    143. Sky Flower

    Battle Rating: 1418 Wins: 1389 Losses: 1475

    Warped introduced Sky Flower to their popular Flor del Valle line in 2015. The new version includes the rare medio tiempo ligero (made famous by the Behike BHK) for a stronger blend.

  144. Quesada Reserva Privada cigar

    144. Quesada Reserva Privada

    Battle Rating: 1417 Wins: 5633 Losses: 5479

    The luxurious Quesada Rserva Privada features a binder from 1997 and topped with a gorgeous Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. This limited release cigar is tough to find but well worth the $15 price tag.

  145. El Centurion H-2K-CT cigar

    145. El Centurion H-2K-CT

    Battle Rating: 1417 Wins: 6567 Losses: 5185

    The unique El Centurion H-2K-CT cigar from My Father Cigars features a flavor packed USA Connecticut Hybrid wrapper and a great price tag.

  146. Vegas Robaina cigar

    146. Vegas Robaina

    Battle Rating: 1417 Wins: 4983 Losses: 5973

    Vegas Robaina is a post-revolution Cuban brand made to honor the legendary Alejandro Robaina, known as the best Cuban tobacco farmer of all time. The cigar was introduced in 1997, using tobaccos from Robaina’s farm.

  147. A.J. Fernandez Last Call Maduro cigar

    147. Last Call Maduro

    Battle Rating: 1417 Wins: 1208 Losses: 1198

    Last Call Maduro by AJF Cigar Co. is the followup to the rothschild-sized Last Call cigar introduced in early 2016. The new blend utilizes a Nicaraguan puro blend, complete with a Nicaraguan-grown Pennsylvania Broadleaf-seed wrapper.

  148. CAO Pilón cigar

    148. CAO Pilón

    Battle Rating: 1416 Wins: 1660 Losses: 1525

    The CAO Pilón utilizes a 19th century Cuban technique of fermenting leaves in circular pilóns, rather the rectangular arrangement used today. CAO Pilón showcases a refined look, intended to compete with over-priced luxury cigars, making for a more manageable celebratory smoke.

  149. Matilde Oscura cigar

    149. Matilde Oscura

    Battle Rating: 1414 Wins: 5906 Losses: 4838

    The Matilde Oscura is Matilde Cigars’ follow-up release from 2014’s Renacer cigar. For this release, the brand has turned to the dark side, using a dark, Mexican San Andrés maduro wrapper.

  150. MBombay Corojo Oscuro cigar

    150. MBombay Corojo Oscuro

    Battle Rating: 1414 Wins: 1506 Losses: 1430

    MBombay cigars by Bombay Tobak have become some of the most sought-after craft/boutique cigars over the past few years. The Corojo Oscuro features dark & decadent flavors, derived from a diverse, multinational blend and a rich, Ecuadorian Corojo Oscuro wrapper.

  151. Perdomo 20th Anniversary Maduro cigar

    151. Perdomo 20th Anniversary Maduro

    Battle Rating: 1413 Wins: 2918 Losses: 2402

    Perdomo celebrates its 20th anniversary with a special blend. The 20th Anniversary is 100% Nicaraguan, using a wrapper leaf that has been aged in used bourbon barrels for an additional 14 months for added complexity.

  152. Casa Magna Colorado cigar

    152. Casa Magna Colorado

    Battle Rating: 1413 Wins: 2140 Losses: 1925

    Casa Magna Colorado is the ingenious collaboration between Manuel Quesada and Nestor Plasencia, crafting a full-bodied, affordable, Nicaraguan puro masterpiece—one that most any cigar connoisseur will agree upon.

  153. Dunbarton Todos Las Dias cigar

    153. Todos Las Dias

    Battle Rating: 1412 Wins: 61 Losses: 43

    Todos Las Dias by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust is the company’s third core-line cigar and strongest blend to date. TLD is a Nicaraguan puro that is intended to start on the mellow side, building to a high-octane, Nicaraguan powerhouse blend through a gradual progression.

  154. La Barba Red cigar

    154. La Barba Red

    Battle Rating: 1410 Wins: 1193 Losses: 1405

    La Barba Red became an instant fan-favorite among boutique smokers when launched in 2013. The cigars have now been re-blended and re-worked for a larger scale, using primarily Dominican tobaccos and being distributed by Down and Back LLC (Caldwell Cigar Co.).

  155. AJ Fernandez San Lotano Requiem Habano cigar

    155. San Lotano Requiem Habano

    Battle Rating: 1410 Wins: 270 Losses: 267

    San Lotano Requiem Habano by A.J. Fernandez Cigar Company showcases a diverse blend, offering a fuller-bodied smoking experience that is highlighted by a high-octane Brazilian Habano ligero wrapper.

  156. Warped La Colmena Black Honey cigar

    156. La Colmena Black Honey

    Battle Rating: 1409 Wins: 5273 Losses: 5914

    La Colmena Black Honey was an ultra-limited release in 2015 that included only 60 bundles of 10 cigars. The blend uses La Colmena fillers under an Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro wrapper from Warped’s El Oso cigar made at the same ETDB factory.

  157. Punch Habanos cigar

    157. Punch

    Battle Rating: 1409 Wins: 188 Losses: 158

    Punch cigars are among the world’s oldest cigar brands in current production. The Cuban, Habanos brand was established in 1840 and is now classified as a multi-local brand. The blend uses tobaccos of Cuba’s most premium Vuelta Abajo region and are considered medium body.

  158. Prometheus God of Fire Serie Aniversario cigar

    158. God of Fire Serie Aniversario

    Battle Rating: 1408 Wins: 2811 Losses: 1987

    God of Fire is an ultra-premium brand produced by the famous Fuente family in the Dominican Republic. Made for Prometheus, an upscale cigar accessories manufacturer, the new GOF Serie Aniversario celebrates 10 years since the first GOF cigar—using specially-selected tobaccos and elegant vitolas.

  159. Rocky Patel Fifteenth Anniversary cigar

    159. Rocky Patel Fifteenth Anniversary

    Battle Rating: 1408 Wins: 287 Losses: 280

    Rocky Patel Fifteenth Anniversary cigars debuted in 2010 to celebrate Rocky’s anniversary in the cigar industry. It is among the brand’s highest scoring blends, ranking among the top 25 cigars of the year on three occasions.

  160. La Palina Red Label cigar

    160. La Palina Red Label

    Battle Rating: 1407 Wins: 5303 Losses: 5660

    La Palina Red Label showcases the superb construction of PDR Cigars’ factory in the Dominican Republic. This is a mild-medium-bodied, smooth and straight-forward smoking experience.

  161. L'Atelier La Mission du L'Atelier cigar

    161. La Mission du L’Atelier

    Battle Rating: 1406 Wins: 6696 Losses: 4957

    La Mission du L’Atelier draws inspiration from the wine industry. It is billed as L’Atelier’s most bold offering to date, using a San Andrés Mexican maduro wrapper over Nicaraguan fillers, including the premium Sancti Spíritus leaf.

  162. My Father La Antiguedad cigar

    162. La Antiguedad

    Battle Rating: 1406 Wins: 1715 Losses: 1363

    My Father follows up the success of Flor de las Antillas with another classic, Cuban-inspired blend. La Antiguedad uses the Garcia’s own tobaccos, grown on their Nicaraguan farms, combined with a special Habano Ecuador Rosado Oscuro wrapper.

  163. Warped Futuro cigar

    163. Futuro

    Battle Rating: 1406 Wins: 5634 Losses: 5759

    Futuro is the brainchild of Kyle Gellis of Warped and Max Fernandez, son of Eduardo Fernandez of AGANORSA. The cigars use the famed AGANORSA farm’s most premium tobaccos from their top secret “tobacco vault”.

  164. Caldwell Eastern Standard cigar

    164. Eastern Standard

    Battle Rating: 1406 Wins: 4756 Losses: 3971

    Caldwell Eastern Standard uses rare and vintage tobaccos and is crafted at the Ventura factory in the Dominican Republic. The cigar makes use of a unique, dark Conncticut hybrid wrapper over vintage fillers.

  165. Espinosa Habano cigar

    165. Espinosa Habano

    Battle Rating: 1405 Wins: 6167 Losses: 5254

    The Espinosa Habano cigar has been updated with a sleek new look and slightly tweaked blend, making for a more refined version of this classic, award-winning cigar.

  166. Camacho American Barrel-Aged cigar

    166. American Barrel-Aged

    Battle Rating: 1403 Wins: 5027 Losses: 3891

    Camacho American Barrel-Aged takes whiskey-meets-cigars to the next level, using nearly 100% American tobaccos and aging Honduran Cuban-seed Corojo for 5 months in used bourbon barrels.

  167. Matilde Quadrata cigar

    167. Matilde Quadrata

    Battle Rating: 1403 Wins: 1467 Losses: 1345

    Matilde Cigars’ third offering in three years helps to round out their portfolio. Quadrata uses Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos for a medium/full profile with full flavor. Quadrata is also the first box-pressed offering from Matilde.

  168. Altadis USA Montecristo cigar

    168. Montecristo (Dominican Republic)

    Battle Rating: 1402 Wins: 1482 Losses: 1987

    Altadis USA showcases the Dominican side of the world-renowned Montecristo brand. Often known as the Montecristo Yellow, the cigar uses a delicate, Connecitcut shade wrapper over Dominican fillers for a silky smooth smoking experience.

  169. La Palina Goldie Dalia cigar

    169. Goldie Dalia

    Battle Rating: 1402 Wins: 1491 Losses: 1448

    The 2016 edition of the fan-favorite “Goldie Series” features the closest size to La Palina’s original Laguito No. 2 to date. At 6¾” × 43, this lonsdale is referred to as “Dalia” in the Cuban industry. As usual, Goldie Dalia showcases among the finest craftsmanship in the world.

  170. Nat Sherman 85th Anniversary

    170. Nat Sherman 85th Anniversary

    Battle Rating: 1400 Wins: 1871 Losses: 1819

    Celebrating the opening of Nat Sherman’s legendary Townhouse store in Manhattan, NY in 1930, the brand has crafted a special cigar for the occasion. Utilizing Nicaraguan fillers and a special Dominican wrapper, the cigars are rolled with the classic entubado style, making for an ultra-premium experience.

  171. CAO Amazon Anaconda cigar

    171. Amazon Anaconda

    Battle Rating: 1400 Wins: 41 Losses: 48

    CAO finishes their sought-after Amazon Trilogy with Amazon Anaconda, a limited edition, exotic blend that focuses on tobacco growing and processing techniques of the Brazilian rainforest.

  172. Brick House cigar

    172. Brick House

    Battle Rating: 1397 Wins: 5359 Losses: 6353

    Brick House cigars are made by J.C. Newman in Tampa Bay’s Cigar City area. Originally crafted from 100% Cuban tobaccos, the cigars are now Nicaraguan puros.

  173. La Palina Goldie Laguito No. 2 cigar

    173. Goldie Laguito No. 2

    Battle Rating: 1396 Wins: 5729 Losses: 4939

    The first Goldie cigar, Laguito No. 2, was released in 2012. Every year following, La Palina has introduced a new, limited edition size of the blend. While all Goldie cigars are limited, none were more rare than this, the first release.

  174. L'Atelier Imports Extension de la Racine ER15 cigar

    174. L’Atelier Extension de la Racine

    Battle Rating: 1396 Wins: 2810 Losses: 3058

    L’Atelier Extension de la Racine is an annual, limited edition cigar that is rolled in a new vitola each year. The cigar features the rare Sanctí Spiritus tobacco and a Nicaraguan puro blend.

  175. CLE Corojo cigar

    175. CLE Corojo

    Battle Rating: 1396 Wins: 259 Losses: 252

    Among CLE Cigars’ most popular offerings is their core-line CLE Corojo. The cigar showcases the esteemed Eiroa family’s rich heritage for Honduran, Cuban-seed tobacco.

  176. L'Atelier Maduro cigar

    176. L’Atelier Maduro

    Battle Rating: 1395 Wins: 2016 Losses: 1837

    L’Atelier Maduro makes good use of a dark, Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, complete with a premium Sancti Spíritus binder, grown at the famed Garcia farms in Nicaragua. An affordable price is just a segue into a silky smooth profile of chocolate and vanilla.

  177. Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged cigar

    177. Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged

    Battle Rating: 1395 Wins: 51 Losses: 53

    Camacho introduces the followup cigar to American Barrel-Aged with a diverse, five-country blend that focuses on Nicaraguan Corojo ’99 filler tobaccos aged in used Flor de Caña rum barrels, making for a unique take on a Nicaraguan-focused smoking profile.

  178. Tatuaje Anarchy Microblend cigar

    178. Anarchy

    Battle Rating: 1393 Wins: 5139 Losses: 5562

    Tatuaje Anarchy cigars were the 1st cigar in Smoke Inn’s Microblend Series. These dark, Ecuadorian Habano-wrapped Nicaraguans are now a collector’s item in the cigar scene.

  179. Crowned Heads Four Kicks cigar

    179. Four Kicks

    Battle Rating: 1393 Wins: 4019 Losses: 3802

    Four Kicks was the first release by Nashville-based brand Crowned Heads. The cigars feature primarily Nicaraguan tobaccos and are made in the Dominican Republic under the watchful eye of Master Blender E.P. Carrillo. A medium-bodied, full-flavored smoking experience.

  180. La Gloria Cubana Serie R cigar

    180. La Gloria Cubana Serie R

    Battle Rating: 1393 Wins: 3094 Losses: 2558

    La Gloria Cubana Serie R is known for helping to spark interest for the more modern style of boutique cigars, with big flavors and equally big ring gauges. In 1999, the brand was sold to General Cigar Company by Ernesto Perez-Carrillo.

  181. Hoyo La Amistad cigar

    181. Hoyo La Amistad

    Battle Rating: 1393 Wins: 1362 Losses: 1237

    Hoyo de Monterrey entered the modern era of premium cigars in early 2016 with the rebranded HOYO. The brand now teams with industry veteran AJ Fernandez for a special, limited edition blend that showcases AJ’s knowledge of Nicaraguan tobacco.

  182. Camacho Powerband cigar

    182. Camacho Powerband

    Battle Rating: 1392 Wins: 1496 Losses: 1519

    Camacho Powerband is the 2nd cigar in Camacho’s new Master Built Series. V-twin biker imagery sparks a powerhouse smoke from a diverse, multinational blend. Camacho also introduces a proprietary Powerband™ bunching technique, boasting a smooth draw, despite having a large quantity of tobaccos in the blend.

  183. Jericho Hill cigar

    183. Jericho Hill

    Battle Rating: 1391 Wins: 7139 Losses: 4822

    With a deep, dark, Mexican San Andrés Maduro wrapper, this cigar comes out of the My Father Factory in Nicaragua and quickly became a fan favorite among boutique cigar smokers.

  184. Alec Bradley Tempus cigar

    184. Tempus

    Battle Rating: 1390 Wins: 2274 Losses: 2267

    Alec Bradley Tempus is all about balance. The brand’s most full-bodied blend incorporates a special Honduran tobacco, double binder, and expert craftsmanship to bring a full-bodied blend with enough flavor to balance out one of the most popular cigars in today’s market.

  185. Illusione ~eccj~ 20th cigar

    185. ~eccj~ 20th

    Battle Rating: 1390 Wins: 1415 Losses: 1547

    Illusione returns to the popular blend from the original ~eccj~ 15th, which became the basis for their Epernay line. The cigar’s size and blend have been tweaked for this limited edition release, making for a more refined experience.

  186. Warped El Oso Ursus cigar

    186. El Oso Ursus

    Battle Rating: 1390 Wins: 922 Losses: 1005

    El Oso “Ursus” by Warped is a limited edition version of the brand’s first cigar line. El Oso, often referred to as “The Bear”, incorporates 3 regular release sizes. Ursus uses the Latin translation for “bear”. The new size uses a corona gorda vitola and a covered foot.

  187. Ashton Aged Maduro cigar

    187. Ashton Aged Maduro

    Battle Rating: 1389 Wins: 1768 Losses: 1521

    Ashton Aged Maduro is among the most well-known maduro cigars worldwide (also ranked as top choices by many of the industry’s biggest personalities). Produced at the famed Fuente factory, these dark Dominicans are sweet and balanced, with classic maduro characteristics.

  188. 188. Casa Cuba

    Battle Rating: 1388 Wins: 6050 Losses: 5274

    Intended to be a 2012 release to celebrate Arturo Fuente’s 100th anniversary, Casa Cuba didn’t hit shelves until 2013, bearing a “Pre Release” sub-band. In 2014 the cigars became a regular production offering. Casa Cuba is Fuente’s first true new release in almost 20 years, blended by Carlos Fuente Sr. to emulate cigars from his early days, when he blended with Cuban tobaccos.

  189. Quesada Keg cigar

    189. Quesada Keg

    Battle Rating: 1388 Wins: 1973 Losses: 2379

    The Quesada Keg is a limited edition/seasonal cigar release that has been custom-blended to pair with Irish Stout beers for St. Patrick’s Day. The cigars are bundled in jars modeled after beer kegs and branded to match the notorious Guinness stout.

  190. Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne cigar

    190. Perdomo Reserve Champagne

    Battle Rating: 1388 Wins: 2179 Losses: 2394

    Perdomo Reserve 10 Year Anniversary Champagne cigars take a different approach from the renowned Perdomo brand. A triple-fermented, 6-year-aged Connecticut “Champagne” wrapper shows softer complexity.

  191. Henry Clay Tattoo cigar

    191. Henry Clay Tattoo

    Battle Rating: 1387 Wins: 4980 Losses: 5831

    Henry Clay Tattoo cigars see the unlikely pairing of Pete Johnson of Tatuaje and the Grupo de Maestros of Altadis USA. Pete has worked closely with Altadis’ expert blenders to create a cigar to pay homage to one of his favorites—the original Henry Clay cigar.

  192. Quesada Oktoberfest 2015 Edition cigar

    192. Oktoberfest

    Battle Rating: 1387 Wins: 5617 Losses: 5498

    Quesada Oktoberfest cigars are some of the most anticipated seasonally released cigars on the market—the cigars have been blended to pair with Marzen-style beers (Oktoberfest), making for a great fall tradition.

  193. Sensei's Sensational Sarsaparilla cigar

    193. Sarsaparilla

    Battle Rating: 1387 Wins: 5959 Losses: 5134

    The widely popular “Sensei’s Sensational Sarsaparilla” was the Cigar Dojo’s follow-up to the Drew Estate Undercrown DOGMA. The Sarsaparilla was well received, garnering great reviews and completely selling out in just a few weeks.

  194. Partagas Aniversario 170 cigar

    194. Partagas 170

    Battle Rating: 1387 Wins: 1538 Losses: 2132

    Partagas Aniversario 170 follows in the footsteps of the famous Partagas 150 and 160 releases, honoring the legendary brand with a special, limited edition blend—topped with a Sun-Grown Cameroon wrapper.

  195. Caldwell All Out Kings cigar

    195. All Out Kings

    Battle Rating: 1387 Wins: 107 Losses: 86

    Caldwell collaborates with the revered Drew Estate to introduce a new maduro smoking experience with All Out Kings, blended by Robert Caldwell and Willy Herrera and produced at Drew Estate’s famed La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate factory in Nicaragua.

  196. A. Florez 1975 Serie Privada Capa Habano cigar

    196. 1975 Serie Privada Capa Habano

    Battle Rating: 1385 Wins: 3576 Losses: 3559

    The A. Florez 1975 Serie Privada Capa Habano cigar took home the prestigious honor of #10 cigar of the year in 2014. It is crafted at PDR Cigars in the Dominican Republic, making use of an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, box press, and Entubado rolling technique.

  197. Cuaba Cuban cigar

    197. Cuaba

    Battle Rating: 1385 Wins: 1971 Losses: 2567

    Cuaba is a post-revolution Cuban cigar, introduced in 1996 in an effort to revive the classic figurado cigar vitola. Every cigar in the line is rolled in a figurado/salomon shape, being made at the famous Briones Montoto (Romeo y Julieta) factory.

  198. The Oscar cigar by Oscar Valladares Tobacco & Co.

    198. The Oscar

    Battle Rating: 1385 Wins: 1371 Losses: 1334

    The Oscar by Oscar Valladares Tobacco & Co. is the premium follow-up release to the brand’s popular LEAF by Oscar cigars, using primarily Honduran tobaccos and a bright, Candela cover leaf to replace the conventional cellophane.

  199. Cornelius & Anthony Meridian cigar

    199. Meridian

    Battle Rating: 1385 Wins: 265 Losses: 294

    Meridian is the fourth release in the newly rebranded Cornelius & Anthony brand. This nautically themed cigar uses a medium-bodied, Habano blend; made at the La Zona factory in Estelí, Nicaragua.

  200. L'Atelier LAT52 cigar

    200. L’Atelier

    Battle Rating: 1382 Wins: 2513 Losses: 2415

    L’Atelier is the more affordable counterpart to the legendary Behike BHK cigar. Made in Nicaragua, L’Atelier emulates Behike with a much cheaper price point, while offering its own unique subtleties that have made it a staple in the craft cigar scene.

  201. Punch Rare Corojo cigar

    201. Rare Corojo

    Battle Rating: 1382 Wins: 1646 Losses: 1819

    Punch Rare Corojo is among the most popular small batch / seasonal cigar releases, with its annual, limited allotment released each February to cigar fans. Many credit Rare Corojo with creating demand for special, annual releases in the craft cigar market.

  202. La Jugada Habano cigar

    202. La Jugada Habano

    Battle Rating: 1381 Wins: 5768 Losses: 5516

    The number one cigar of the year in 2013 the La Jugada Habano is full flavored and full strength giving plenty of smoking satisfaction for a great price.

  203. Cubanacan HR cigar

    203. HR – Hirochi Robaina

    Battle Rating: 1379 Wins: 5514 Losses: 5341

    Descending from cigar royalty, Hirochi Robaina has teamed with Cubanacan Cigars to offer one of the most premium smoking experiences currently available.

  204. Viaje Platino cigar

    204. Viaje Platino

    Battle Rating: 1379 Wins: 4608 Losses: 6177

    Viaje Platino is considered one of the brand’s baseline cigars. With Viaje’s standard small batch production, these Nicaraguan puros are the epitome of boutique in the cigar world.

  205. CAO Flathead cigar

    205. Flathead

    Battle Rating: 1379 Wins: 2184 Losses: 2177

    CAO Flathead is an affordable cigar line launched in 2013 to satisfy the likes of most any cigar enthusiast: premium cigars, cars, and girls… This ’50s-infused gearhead smoke has recently been named CA’s #3 cigar of the year for 2015, but does Cigar Wars agree?

  206. Eiroa cigar

    206. EIROA

    Battle Rating: 1377 Wins: 5610 Losses: 5609

    Christian Eiroa honors the family legacy in the cigar industry with a Honduran puro blend designed for the connoisseur’s palate.

  207. Partagas Heritage cigar

    207. Partagas Heritage

    Battle Rating: 1377 Wins: 168 Losses: 188

    Partagas Heritage recalls nostalgic imagery and blending profile from the brand’s vast “heritage”. The cigar uses a proprietary Honduran wrapper and similar fillers from the famed Partagas 150 and 160.

  208. Tatuaje Tattoo cigar

    208. Tattoo

    Battle Rating: 1376 Wins: 5568 Losses: 5463

    Tattoo is Tatuaje’s answer to an affordable cigar. Using the English translation of Tatuaje, these maduros are made at the Garcia’s alternate TACUBA factory in Estelí. Pricing ranges from $5 – $6, though the real savings comes into play with the large, 50-count boxes—bringing the cigars under the $5 range.

  209. Espinosa 601 Blue Label maduro cigar

    209. 601 Blue Label

    Battle Rating: 1375 Wins: 5233 Losses: 5669

    601 Blue Label is one of three varieties in Espinosa’s 601 lineup. The Blue Label fills the role of the dark, box-pressed Connecticut Broadleaf maduro.

  210. Crowned Heads J.D. Howard Reserve cigar

    210. J.D. Howard Reserve

    Battle Rating: 1374 Wins: 2714 Losses: 3455

    Crowned Heads’ third regular production release, J.D. Howard Reserve, pays homage to outlaw Jesse James. This Western-themed smoke takes on a similar character, with smokey, campfire-like notes throughout.

  211. Rocky Patel Twentieth Anniversary cigar

    211. Rocky Patel Twentieth Anniversary

    Battle Rating: 1374 Wins: 2521 Losses: 2563

    Rocky Patel’s latest “Anniversary Edition” cigar celebrates the brands 20th year, using a primarily Honduran blend, crafted in their usual Honduran locale. Rocky Patel Twentieth Anniversary is billed as a more premium offering than their usual affair.

  212. Alec Bradley Family Blend The Lineage cigar

    212. The Lineage

    Battle Rating: 1374 Wins: 1639 Losses: 1801

    Alec Bradley The Lineage is a family cigar blend, commemorating the coming of age for founder Alan Rubin’s sons, Alec and Bradley. Alan complied to US laws regarding smoking for his boys, and when they were of legal smoking age, The Lineage cigar was made to celebrate.

  213. Partagás Shorts cigar

    213. Partagás Shorts

    Battle Rating: 1374 Wins: 1544 Losses: 1573

    Short and spicy! Partagás Shorts provide only a 15 minute smoke, but it’s got enough flavor to make up for it! Comparable to Partagás Serie D in flavor profile.

  214. Serino 20th Anniversary Royale XX Maduro cigar

    214. Serino Royale Maduro XX

    Battle Rating: 1373 Wins: 484 Losses: 611

    Serino Cigar Co. entered the premium cigar market in 2016, lead by their most premium bend – Serino Royale Maduro XX. The cigars are blended by Omar González-Alemán at the heralded La Corona Cigars factory in Nicaragua.

  215. Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut cigar

    215. Johnny Tobacconaut

    Battle Rating: 1371 Wins: 2866 Losses: 4105

    Johnny Tobacconaut by Room101 is among the most talked about releases for 2015, featuring a stylin’ funk-meets-class packaging and unique, figurado vitolas. There’s really no excuse not to have some of these in your collection—that is, if you can find them.

  216. Room101 The Big Payback cigar

    216. The Big Payback

    Battle Rating: 1370 Wins: 4813 Losses: 6313

    The Big Payback is a Nicaraguan puro made as a thank you from Room101 to its supporters that helped elevate the brand to its current position in the industry. Made with a puro blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos, the cigars in the line all feature large sizes and affordable prizes.

  217. Warped Don Reynaldo Regalos cigar

    217. Don Reynaldo Regalos

    Battle Rating: 1370 Wins: 5141 Losses: 5264

    Warped Cigar’s Don Reynaldo Regalos brings the fan-favorite, ultra-limited edition cigar back to the market. The cigar incorporates the same blend as 2014’s Coronas De Luxe size, this time using a larger 5×46 “Regalos” corona vitola.

  218. BLK WKS Studio Boondocks Saint cigar

    218. Boondocks Saint

    Battle Rating: 1370 Wins: 1044 Losses: 1409

    Black Works Studio is the sister company of boutique brand Black Label Trading Co., focusing on the craft of Estelí-based Fabrica de Oveja Negra. Among the brand’s first offerings is Boondocks Saint, using a diverse blend of Nicaragua, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut tobaccos and a Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper.

  219. Caldwell Blind Man's Bluff cigar

    219. Blind Man’s Bluff

    Battle Rating: 1370 Wins: 49 Losses: 53

    Caldwell Cigar Co. introduced Blind Man’s Bluff in 2015, offering the premium look of their high-end products but with a lower price point. As Caldwell is known to team with well-established cigar manufacturers, BMP features Honduran tobaccos and is made at the famed Camacho factory (Agroindustrias Laepe S.A.) in Honduras.

  220. E.P. Carrillo CORE Natural cigar

    220. E.P. Carrillo CORE

    Battle Rating: 1368 Wins: 2229 Losses: 2045

    E.P. Carrillo CORE Natural was the first cigar introduced by EPC Cigar Co. upon launching in 2010. This is a classic Dominican blend with superb balance and an attractive price point.

  221. Crowned Heads Headley Grange Drumstick cigar

    221. Headley Grange Drumstick LE 2013

    Battle Rating: 1367 Wins: 1454 Losses: 1744

    Crowned Heads’ Headley Grange “Drumstick” was a limited edition version of the brand’s popular cigar made in an authentic, Cuban-style lancero vitola. The cigar debuted in 2013, following up the fan-favorite Four Kicks “Mule Kick” of 2012.

  222. Room101 Chief Cool Arrow cigar

    222. Chief Cool Arrow

    Battle Rating: 1367 Wins: 1233 Losses: 1599

    Chief Cool Arrow is the second release in Room101’s Artist Collection Series. This limited-run project showcases a diverse blend, highlighted by a punchy, Mexican Ligero wrapper. All three sizes feature intricate, figurado vitolas.

  223. L'Atelier Côte d’Or cigar

    223. Côte d’Or

    Battle Rating: 1366 Wins: 4195 Losses: 3903

    L’Atelier Côte d’Or is the brand’s most premium cigar offering to date. It utilizes the rare Pelo de Oro tobaccos, an ultra-premium and rare tobacco variety.

  224. Camacho Corojo Box-Pressed BXP cigar

    224. Camacho Corojo BXP

    Battle Rating: 1366 Wins: 196 Losses: 195

    Camacho Corojo Box-Pressed BXP is the amped-up version of the original Corojo. The cigars feature box-pressed shapes, and new black-themed appearance, and added Pennsylvania Broadleaf in the filler.

  225. Aging Room Small Batch M356 cigar

    225. Aging Room M356

    Battle Rating: 1365 Wins: 4103 Losses: 3081

    The Aging Room M356 was the first cigar under the Aging Room Small Batch series by Boutique Blends. The cigars are created in small batches in the Dominican Republic. Upon its release in 2011, M356 went on to win multiple year-end cigar awards.

  226. Crowned Heads The Angel's Anvil TAA 2016 cigar

    226. The Angel’s Anvil TAA 2016

    Battle Rating: 1365 Wins: 1316 Losses: 1355

    Crowned Heads introduces a maduro offering for their third cigar in the limited edition The Angel’s Anvil series. The 2016 TAA uses Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper over Nicaraguan fillers, rolled at the prestigious La Alianza factory in the DR.

  227. Sindicato cigar

    227. Sindicato

    Battle Rating: 1363 Wins: 4884 Losses: 6038

    Featuring a very limited and unique Shade Grown Corojo wrapper, the Sindicato features creamy flavors with notes of graham crackers and cinnamon – a full-flavored stick with a medium to full strength profile.

  228. La Aurora Preferidos Maduro cigar

    228. La Aurora Preferidos Maduro

    Battle Rating: 1362 Wins: 1814 Losses: 1804

    La Aurora Preferidos Maduro is a favorite for maduro fans industry-wide. The cigars are instantly recognizable, having a very intricate & bulbous shape. This well-known blend is made at the La Aurora factory, which is known for both its skilled craftsmanship, as well as being the oldest in the Dominican Republic.

  229. Partagas Benji Menendez Master Series Prominentes cigar

    229. Benji Menendez Partagas Master Series

    Battle Rating: 1362 Wins: 512 Losses: 562

    Benji Menendez Partagas Master Series cigars were originally released in 2009. The cigars were hailed for their premium Cameroon wrappers and superior price/value.

  230. Camacho Corojo cigar

    230. Camacho Corojo

    Battle Rating: 1360 Wins: 5515 Losses: 5948

    At the center of Camacho’s BOLD lineup is the Corojo, consisting of original Cuban-seed Corojo tobacco, grown in Honduras since being smuggled out of Cuba in the 1960’s. Camacho now carries the torch for the original Corojo, as Cuba has since switched to hybrid, mold-resilient tobaccos.

  231. Eiroa The First 20 Years cigar

    231. EIROA The First 20 Years

    Battle Rating: 1358 Wins: 1439 Losses: 1281

    EIROA Cigars follows up their premium line of cigars with The First 20 Years, a Honduran puro blend made from a special selection of tobaccos; gifted to brand owner Christian Eiroa by his father, in celebration of Christian’s milestone 20 years in the cigar industry.

  232. Espinosa 601 Red Label cigar

    232. 601 Red Label

    Battle Rating: 1358 Wins: 1141 Losses: 1353

    The Espinosa Red Label Habano has been a staple in enthusiasts humidors for many years, beginning with EO Brands and now being made at the La Zona factory by Espinosa Premium Cigars. The easily-identifiable, colored bands help categorize the 601 line, with “Red” representing a natural, Nicaraguan Habano puro blend.

  233. Partagas 1845

    233. Partagas 1845

    Battle Rating: 1357 Wins: 1612 Losses: 2172

    Partagas 1845 is the new core-line cigar from the non-Cuban Partagas brand. Featuring a fuller body and long-filler tobaccos aged in Dominican rum barrels. Partagas situates this blend between the delicate nuances of the original and the decadent sweetness of their Black Label cigars.

  234. Perdomo Habano cigar

    234. Perdomo Habano Connecticut

    Battle Rating: 1356 Wins: 4861 Losses: 6526

    Perdomo pays homage to their native Cuban heritage with the Perdomo Habano. The blend showcases 3 variants, with Connecticut, Corojo, and maduro wrappers. Here, with the Connecticut, the wrapper adds a smooth, creamy flavor to the rich, Nicaraguan fillers.

  235. Southern Draw Firethorn cigar

    235. Southern Draw Firethorn

    Battle Rating: 1355 Wins: 2364 Losses: 3703

    Southern Draw Firethorn is the 2nd cigar released by boutique brand Southern Draw out of Texas. The cigars focus on Southern values and having a smooth draw—every time. This is the brand’s Habano offering, being produced at Tabacalera Fernandez in Nicaragua.

  236. AJ Fernandez New World Connecticut cigar

    236. New World Connecticut

    Battle Rating: 1354 Wins: 3681 Losses: 3735

    AJ Fernandez debuts the New World Connecticut, a Connecticut Shade version of the popular New World cigar, featuring full flavors at an affordable price.

  237. The Rake cigar by Moya Ruiz

    237. The Rake

    Battle Rating: 1353 Wins: 5339 Losses: 5770

    The Rake by Moya Ruiz is a full flavor, full strength, cigar that comes in a box that functions as a rake box when you are playing a game of poker with friends.

  238. Crux Guild cigar

    238. Crux Guild

    Battle Rating: 1353 Wins: 1383 Losses: 1571

    Crux Guild pays homage to the skill of the craft, utilizing some of the most talented rollers at the famed Plasencia Cigars factory in Estelí.

  239. Curivari Buenaventura cigar

    239. Buenaventura

    Battle Rating: 1351 Wins: 1759 Losses: 2323

    Curivari Buenaventura, introduced in 2012, is a Nicaraguan puro, crafted from 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos. This affordable cigar is well-known as one of the best value cigars on the market.

  240. Balmoral Añejo XO cigar

    240. Balmoral Añejo XO

    Battle Rating: 1350 Wins: 1776 Losses: 1823

    Balmoral Añejo XO is the followup to Royal Agio’s original Balmoral Añejo 18, which used a special, 18-year-aged wrapper. While the wrapper has been replaced, Balmoral still utilizes long-aged tobaccos for a refined palate.

  241. Espinosa 601 La Bomba Napalm cigar

    241. 601 La Bomba Napalm

    Battle Rating: 1350 Wins: 1371 Losses: 1769

    601 La Bomba Napalm is a 100% Nicaraguan powerhouse blend from Espinosa Premium Cigars. Beginning with a bomb fuse cap, this robusto packs a punch!

  242. CAO Consigliere cigar

    242. Consigliere

    Battle Rating: 1350 Wins: 1143 Losses: 1432

    CAO is back with another mobster-themed cigar. Technically, Consigliere is the same blend as the original, fan-favorite CAO Sopranos cigar—although, they’ll only go so far as to hint at it. All new sizes have been rolled, using the same blend and best of all, reduced prices.

  243. Warped Corto cigar

    243. Corto

    Battle Rating: 1347 Wins: 3533 Losses: 3967

    Using 100% Aganorsa leaf, this Nicaraguan puro is packed with flavor. The Corto (meaning short) has a slight box press to it and will be a annual release from Warped Cigars, with each year bringing a new size.

  244. Flor de Gonzalez FDG 20 Aniversario Maduro cigar

    244. FDG 20 Aniversario Maduro

    Battle Rating: 1347 Wins: 1264 Losses: 1471

    FDG Cigars honors the 20th anniversary of their Nicaraguan factory with the limited edition 20 Aniversario cigars. Two wrapper styles are used to emulate the brand’s first cigars—the Gold Series. This Maduro showcases a Connecticut Broadleaf maduro.

  245. Room101 San Andrés cigar

    245. Room101 San Andrés

    Battle Rating: 1346 Wins: 1756 Losses: 1907

    Room101 San Andrés takes a detour from the brand’s familiar, dark maduro wrappers—showcasing an uncommon natural, Mexican San Andrés wrapper over Honduran & Dominican fillers.

  246. La Palina Bill's Blend TAA 2016 cigar

    246. La Palina Bill’s Blend

    Battle Rating: 1345 Wins: 1358 Losses: 1610

    La Palina Bill’s Blend TAA 2016 is a limited edition cigar made exclusively for Tobacconist Association of America retailers, using Bill Paley’s personal blend and rolled at the famed El Titan de Bronze factory in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood.

  247. Camacho Ecuador cigar

    247. Camacho Ecuador

    Battle Rating: 1343 Wins: 6006 Losses: 5662

    Released in 2014, the Camacho Ecuador is a reasonably priced, full-flavored cigar that fits right into the “BOLD” theme of the rebranded Camacho Cigar line. The Camacho Ecuador fittingly features an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and a Brazilian Mata Fina binder.

  248. Henry Clay Brevas

    248. Henry Clay

    Battle Rating: 1343 Wins: 1661 Losses: 2187

    Moved from Havana to Dominican Republic, Henry Clay is among the most well-known brands in the world. The Domincan cigar (Brevas) features a hefty Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. The cigars are known to be an inspiration to “maduro legend” Pete Johnson of Tatuaje.

  249. La Jugada Prieto cigar

    249. La Jugada Prieto

    Battle Rating: 1343 Wins: 1382 Losses: 1519

    La Jugada Prieto was the first offering from boutique brand MoyaRuiz in 2013. It is known for its dark, thick maduro wrapper—producing rich characteristics. While the cigars are occasionally criticized for burn issues, they are equally praised for a stellar performance with age.

  250. La Barba Purple cigar

    250. La Barba Purple

    Battle Rating: 1343 Wins: 1069 Losses: 1331

    La Barba Purple is the second release from La Barba Cigars, introduced in 2014 with an aim on Dominican tobaccos. The brand moved from Honduras to the DR, working with the esteemed Ventura family to make use of a unique blend of tobaccos.

  251. Ortega Serie D Natural cigar

    251. Ortega Serie D Natural

    Battle Rating: 1342 Wins: 5449 Losses: 6075

    One of Eddie Ortega’s first releases of his newly formed Ortega Cigar Company back in 2012 the Serie D natural quickly became a popular cigar known for it’s warm cinnamon and roasted nut flavors.

  252. CAO Colombia cigar

    252. CAO Colombia

    Battle Rating: 1342 Wins: 4646 Losses: 6788

    CAO Colombia features a unique multi-national blend of tobaccos, ranging from Honduras, Colombia, Cameroon, and Brazil—to top it off, it’s made in Nicaragua. The CAO world tobacco tour continues with this ridiculously affordable smoke.

  253. Tatuaje Fausto cigar

    253. Fausto

    Battle Rating: 1342 Wins: 3069 Losses: 3840

    Tatuaje Fausto is a Nicaraguan cigar released in 2011, featuring a full-powered blend. The cigars are among the strongest regular-production blends from Tatuaje. As they say in This is Spinal Tap, “Crank it up to eleven.”

  254. Henry Clay Stalk Cut cigar

    254. Henry Clay Stalk Cut

    Battle Rating: 1342 Wins: 1587 Losses: 2223

    Henry Clay Stalk Cut by Grupo De Maestros is the latest project under the Henry Clay name. The cigar is semi-box-pressed and utilizes a stalk-cut, Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper—a process that allows the leafs to continue absorbing nutrients from the plant as it cures.

  255. Room101 OSOK One Shot One Kill

    255. OSOK

    Battle Rating: 1341 Wins: 5688 Losses: 5967

    The Room101 OSOK – One Shot One Kill is a classic release for cigar enthusiasts. This limited edition cigar was rolled in its entirety by one man, using tobaccos that cannot be reproduced—the cigar’s blend will never be made again.

  256. Rocky Patel Royale cigar

    256. Rocky Patel Royale

    Battle Rating: 1341 Wins: 2155 Losses: 1952

    Rocky Patel Royale encompasses the more elite side of Rocky’s lineup, featuring Nicaraguan tobaccos and a special, double binder of Connecticut leaves—both broadleaf and shade-grown.

  257. Romeo Añejo cigar

    257. ROMEO Añejo

    Battle Rating: 1340 Wins: 4159 Losses: 6614

    ROMEO Añejo is the dark companion to 2012’s ROMEO cigar, the best-selling Romeo cigar to date. It showcases a Connecticut Broadleaf Vintage 2010 maduro wrapper over fillers of Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Honduran vintage tobaccos.

  258. Matilde Serena cigar

    258. Matilde Serena

    Battle Rating: 1340 Wins: 530 Losses: 595

    Matilde Serena is the fourth offering from Matilde Cigars, showcasing a more limited production for the brand’s most mild blend to date.

  259. Macanudo Estate Reserve 2015 cigar

    259. Macanudo Estate Reserve 2015

    Battle Rating: 1338 Wins: 1643 Losses: 2518

    Macanudo’s Estate Reserve 2015 cigar was a bit of a surprise for 2015, showcasing an ultra-premium blend, making for quite a favorable smoking experience from this old Jamaican brand—which has become among the most recognizable in the world.

  260. Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon cigar

    260. Vintage 2003 Cameroon

    Battle Rating: 1337 Wins: 1664 Losses: 2068

    Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon is a medium-bodied profile within Rocky’s popular Vintage lineup. With an African Cameroon wrapper, it offers a refined experience.

  261. Por Larrañaga Picadores cigar

    261. Por Larrañaga Picadores

    Battle Rating: 1337 Wins: 151 Losses: 186

    Por Larrañaga Picadores was discontinued in the ’70s and subsequently reimagined in 2014, using a slightly thicker ring gauge, offered as a Corona Extra vitola. The blend is on the mild side, showcasing a velvety smooth smoke with delicate complexities.

  262. Regius of London Black Label cigar

    262. Regius Black Label

    Battle Rating: 1336 Wins: 2768 Losses: 3981

    Regius of London, often referred to as “Black Label”, is the brand’s baseline offering, a Nicaraguan puro, crafted at the Plasencia factory in Nicaragua.

  263. Gurkha Cellar Reserve Platinum Edition cigar

    263. Cellar Reserve Platinum Edition

    Battle Rating: 1335 Wins: 1260 Losses: 1630

    Gurkha adds to its collection of well-aged offerings, showcasing the Cellar Reserve Platinum Edition—a Nicaraguan blend with 12-year-aged tobaccos.

  264. Drew Estate Kentucky Fire Cured Swamp Thang cigar

    264. Kentucky Fire Cured Swamp Thang

    Battle Rating: 1335 Wins: 32 Losses: 54

    Kentucky Fire Cured Swamp Thang is an unusual blend from Drew Estate’s MUWAT sub-brand, showcasing a contrast of fire-cured tobaccos and a candela wrapper. This is intended to be a sweeter, more approachable variant of the original MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured cigar.

  265. Leccia Tobacco Black cigar

    265. Leccia Black

    Battle Rating: 1334 Wins: 2940 Losses: 3208

    Leccia Tobacco introduced the Leccia Black in 2013 to rave reviews from cigar enthusiasts, as it successfully incorporated fire-cured tobaccos in the blend. Leccia was among the first to re-introduce such a technique to the world of premium cigars, which quickly became a popular trend.

  266. Joya Red cigar by Joya de Nicaragua

    266. Joya Red

    Battle Rating: 1333 Wins: 5394 Losses: 6232

    With the combination of full, easy-to-love flavors and a ridiculously affordable price point, Joya Red is one of the best bang-for-your-buck stciks on the market

  267. NUb Maduro cigar

    267. NUb Maduro

    Battle Rating: 1332 Wins: 1949 Losses: 2558

    NUb cigars were the creation of StudioTobac, which is now operated by Oliva. The concept is to offer only the cigar’s “sweet spot”, with short & stout sizes. Their Maduro blend utilizes a Brazilian wrapper over Nicaraguan fillers, making for a rich, dessert-like profile.

  268. Room101 Ichiban cigar

    268. Ichiban

    Battle Rating: 1331 Wins: 1613 Losses: 2675

    Room 101’s Ichiban project is a special cigar blend that has been rolled in a unique size for 8 different cigar shops across the country. The cigar showcases a look very similar to the brand’s famous OSOK release, but features an all-new blend for this release.

  269. Oliva Connecticut Reserve cigar

    269. Oliva Connecticut Reserve

    Battle Rating: 1329 Wins: 2116 Losses: 3054

    Oliva Connecticut Reserve is one of the most known Connecticut shade cigars. This Nicaraguan features a golden-hued Ecuadorian wrapper and a very attractive price point.

  270. Drew Estate MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured cigar

    270. Kentucky Fire Cured

    Battle Rating: 1328 Wins: 1804 Losses: 2128

    The MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured is a unique smoking experience, filled with a rich, BBQ-like smokiness from the cigar’s unorthodox curing process—an ancient technique of curing the tobaccos over smoldering embers of various woods.

  271. Cohiba Blue cigar

    271. Cohiba Blue

    Battle Rating: 1327 Wins: 118 Losses: 228

    Cohiba Blue offers an entry point for cigar consumers into the premium collection of Cohiba’s Dominican-based cigars; using a diverse, three-country blend and proprietary, Honduran OSA tobaccos on the cigar’s wrapper and binder.

  272. Quesada Fonseca Nicaragua cigar

    272. Fonseca Nicaragua

    Battle Rating: 1325 Wins: 1175 Losses: 1468

    Fonseca is considered the brand that put Quesada on the map. This affordable brand is now offered in a Nicaraguan puro blend, retaining big flavors and low prices – made to showcase the spicier qualities of Nicaraguan tobaccos.

  273. Regius Exclusivo U.S.A. cigar

    273. Regius Exclusivo U.S.A.

    Battle Rating: 1325 Wins: 259 Losses: 297

    The first cigar in the Regius Exclusivo U.S.A. series is commonly referred to as the “red label.” The cigars use a Nicaraguan puro blend, offered in four sizes. Regius CEO Akhil Kapacee crafted the series for the American palate, using more spice and body than other Regius cigars.

  274. Nestor Miranda Habano cigar

    274. Nestor Miranda Habano

    Battle Rating: 1324 Wins: 4441 Losses: 6581

    The Nestor Miranda Habano is a balanced cigar produced at the My Father Cigars factory in Nicaragua featuring a full flavor profile at an affordable price.

  275. Fable Cigars Fourth Prime

    275. Fourth Prime

    Battle Rating: 1324 Wins: 75 Losses: 91

    Fourth Prime is the first cigar from Fable Cigars; a line that was quick to gain a following when introduced in 2016, being made at the acclaimed Nica Sueño factory, where RoMa Craft is produced.

  276. Cohiba Macassar cigar

    276. Cohiba Macassar

    Battle Rating: 1323 Wins: 215 Losses: 294

    Cohiba Macassar is the most luxurious blend in the brand’s esteemed core lineup. The tobaccos are proprietary and aged up to six years, being finished in Dominican rum barrels.

  277. Nomad Esteli Lot 8613 cigar

    277. Nomad Esteli Lot 8613

    Battle Rating: 1322 Wins: 4680 Losses: 6100

    Smooth, consistent, and full flavored, the Nomad Cigars Company Esteli Lot 8613 is produced at the famed Tobacalera AJ Fernandez factory in Nicaragua.

  278. Ventura Cigar Co. Archetype Initiation cigar

    278. Archetype Initiation

    Battle Rating: 1321 Wins: 201 Losses: 334

    Archetype Initiation is one of five new blends coming from Ventura Cigar Company in 2016. Initiation cigars showcase a milder, nuanced blend and caught attention for being rolled at Drew Estate’s famed factory in Estelí, Nicaragua.

  279. Romeo y Julieta 1875 cigar

    279. Romeo y Julieta 1875

    Battle Rating: 1320 Wins: 2988 Losses: 3925

    The baseline cigar from Romeo y Julieta – the “original” Romeo cigar. Of course this is referring to the non-Cuban cigar out of the Dominican Republic. Romeo y Julieta is another cross-over brand, having a Cuban and non-Cuban variant due to the embargo.

  280. Rocky Patel Tabaquero Hamlet Paredes cigar

    280. Tabaquero Hamlet Paredes

    Battle Rating: 1319 Wins: 5181 Losses: 5907

    Tabaquero Hamlet Paredes is the first cigar blended by Rocky Patel’s new all-star Cuban roller Hamlet Paredes, working at the Rocky’s Burn lounge in Naples, Florida. Hamlet is a popular Cuban roller of Partagas and Romeo y Julieta fame.

  281. Vegueros Cuban cigar

    281. Vegueros

    Battle Rating: 1319 Wins: 3784 Losses: 6694

    Vegueros is a modern-style Cuban cigar made in Cuba’s famed Pinar del Río region. The blend was discontinued in 2012 but now returns, using a more mild profile. This is a great budget smoke for the Cuban enthusiast.

  282. Kristoff Corojo Limitada cigar

    282. Kristoff Corojo Limitada

    Battle Rating: 1319 Wins: 2341 Losses: 2661

    Kristoff Corojo Limitada may very well be the most popular among boutique brand Kristoff Cigars. This Habano earned an elite #11 spot in 2012’s Top 25 Cigars list by Cigar Aficionado.

  283. La Sirena Merlion cigar

    283. Merlion

    Battle Rating: 1318 Wins: 4162 Losses: 6706

    La Sirena introduces its 2nd cigar blend, Merlion. Half mermaid, half lion, this Corojo-wrapped cigar showcases a smooth, medium-bodied smoking experience. This is a milder offering compared to the brand’s original La Sirena cigar.

  284. Alec Bradley Sanctum cigar

    284. Sanctum

    Battle Rating: 1317 Wins: 2481 Losses: 3625

    The Sanctum is Alec Bradley’s new release for 2015, featuring a diverse, multinational blend and an affordable price range.

  285. Cohiba Nicaragua cigar

    285. Cohiba Nicaragua

    Battle Rating: 1316 Wins: 4799 Losses: 6379

    Setting aside the mild Dominican tobaccos and going bold, bold, bold, with the full flavors that Nicaraguan tobacco has to offer. Cohiba hit the nail on the head with this blend by finishing off the Nicaraguan filler and binder with a gorgeous Honduran Colorado Oscuro wrapper.

  286. Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 cigar

    286. Vintage 1992

    Battle Rating: 1316 Wins: 2264 Losses: 2320

    Rocky Patel has become well-known for their Vintage cigar blends. With Vintage 1992, the cigar showcases a 10-year-aged wrapper over Nicaraguan & Dominican long-fillers, crafted in the Honduras.

  287. Cohiba "Red Dot" cigar

    287. Cohiba

    Battle Rating: 1316 Wins: 1274 Losses: 1763

    Cohiba cigars made outside of Cuba are commonly referred to as “Red Dot”, referring to the cigar’s design. This is the core Cohiba line from General Cigar, hailing from the Dominican Republic and highlighted by a premium Cameroon wrapper.

  288. L'Atelier Identité cigar

    288. Identité

    Battle Rating: 1316 Wins: 133 Losses: 197

    L’Atelier Imports Identité represents the brand’s identity, using their signature Sancti Spíritus tobacco (a hybrid of Criollo and Pelo de Oro varietals) in all three portions of the cigar’s blend.

  289. Nat Sherman Epoca cigar

    289. Epoca

    Battle Rating: 1315 Wins: 3402 Losses: 4549

    Nat Sherman Epoca opts to recreate the glory days that made Nat Sherman famous, using Dominican tobaccos to recreate the brand’s first cigar from 1929.

  290. Fratello Bianco cigar

    290. Fratello Bianco

    Battle Rating: 1315 Wins: 3251 Losses: 3962

    Fratello Cigars debuts their sophomore release with the Fratello Bianco. Despite the name, the cigar is actually darker than the original release, using a San Andrés Mexican maduro wrapper over a diverse filler blend.

  291. MoyaRuiz The Chinese Finger Trap cigar

    291. The Chinese Finger Trap

    Battle Rating: 1314 Wins: 2628 Losses: 4140

    The Chinese Finger Trap is a unique, limited edition cigar that features a completely undisclosed blend (an Ancient Chinese secret…) and packaging to resemble a Chinese finger trap puzzle. Only 1,000 boxes were released in 2015, made (in part) to commemorate the Cigar Dojo community.

  292. EP Carrillo Short Run 2016 cigar

    292. Short Run 2016

    Battle Rating: 1314 Wins: 1466 Losses: 1763

    For the first time since its launch in 2010, the EP Carrillo Short Run features a completely unique blend. Short Run 2016 has been rolled in a singular Toro size, limited to 2,500 boxes of 10 cigars—Short Run 2016 marks a new look for EPC as well.

  293. La Gran Llave cigar

    293. La Gran Llave

    Battle Rating: 1313 Wins: 1288 Losses: 1676

    Industry veterans Michael Argenti and AJ Fernandez team up for a new smoking experience, utilizing select, well-aged tobaccos exclusively. The cigars feature a luxurious look and feel, with a smoking experience you’d expect at twice the price.

  294. HOYO by Hoyo de Monterrey

    294. HOYO

    Battle Rating: 1312 Wins: 1227 Losses: 1896

    Hoyo de Monterrey has updated their look for the modern era. The new HOYO features a spicy (very spicy) Nicaraguan blend and a clean, modernized design.

  295. Viaje Honey & Hand Grenades cigar

    295. Honey & Hand Grenades

    Battle Rating: 1312 Wins: 533 Losses: 739

    Viaje Honey & Hand Grenades is one of the most recognizable cigars in the world of craft/boutiques, using figurado shapes and bright, foil-wrapped packaging. The cigars use a Nicaraguan puro blend and have been made for 2012, 2013, and 2016 small-batch releases.

  296. D'Crossier Golden Blend Aged 10 Years cigar

    296. Golden Blend Aged 10 Years

    Battle Rating: 1310 Wins: 5097 Losses: 5364

    The D’Crossier Golden Blend Aged 10 Years was introduced in 2014 as a replacement for the original Golden Blend Aged 7 Years. As the name implies, the tobaccos have been aged for 10 years. This as well as a more robust blend of tobaccos, makes for a stronger, more refined smoking experience comparable to a classic, Cuban profile.

  297. Quesada Fonseca cigar

    297. Fonseca

    Battle Rating: 1306 Wins: 1273 Losses: 1805

    Originally a Cuban brand, Fonseca has also been produced by the Quesada family in the Dominican Republic since 1963. Manuel Quesada, Master Blender at Quesada, is well known for his ability to master classic Cuban techniques, capturing profiles that meet and often beat traditional Cuban offerings.

  298. Alec Bradley Black Market cigar

    298. Black Market

    Battle Rating: 1304 Wins: 2274 Losses: 2852

    Alec Bradley Black Market is among the most popular cigars from one of today’s biggest brands. The cigar makes good use of a diverse, multinational blend and attractive price.

  299. 1502 XO cigar

    299. 1502 XO

    Battle Rating: 1304 Wins: 1679 Losses: 1733

    1502 XO is the most premium cigar to date from Global Premium Cigars. Named for the designation of the most premium cognac spirits, the cigar boasts a special blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos and rare, 18-year-aged leaves.

  300. Rocky Patel Prohibition Mexican San Andreas Maduro cigar

    300. Prohibition – San Andreas Maduro

    Battle Rating: 1302 Wins: 4861 Losses: 6155

    Rocky Patel Prohibition – San Andreas Maduro cigars showcase Nicaraguan tobaccos draped in a dark, Mexican maduro wrapper leaf, utilizing a retro-inspired, prohibition-era look and feel.

  301. Yargüera H. Upmann cigar

    301. Yargüera H. Upmann

    Battle Rating: 1302 Wins: 1302 Losses: 1951

    Yargüera H. Upmann showcases a new hybrid tobacco variety, proprietary to Altadis USA. Yargüera combines a special Cuban-seed tobacco, cultivated in Honduras since the 60’s, with Criollo ’98 seed. The cigars offer a balanced, sweet and aromatic profile.

  302. 302. CroMagnon Fomorian

    Battle Rating: 1301 Wins: 3992 Losses: 7180

    The CroMagnon Fomorian is an altered version of RoMa Craft’s Connecticut Broadleaf-wrapped CroMagnon cigar. This limited edition cigar features a Candela wrapper and has been released in 2013 (10 boxes of 24) and 2014 (100 boxes of 24).

  303. El Artista “Big Papi” by David Ortiz cigar

    303. Big Papi

    Battle Rating: 1301 Wins: 1040 Losses: 1328

    Former MLB star David Ortiz teams with fellow Dominican manufacturer El Artista to introduce the “Big Papi” cigar, blended by Ortiz with El Artista’s guidance.

  304. Ave Maria Argentum cigar

    304. Ave Maria Argentum

    Battle Rating: 1301 Wins: 1231 Losses: 1271

    Cigars International collaborates with AJ Fernandez once again to showcase the dark side of Ave Maria with “Ave Maria Argentum” – a perfecto that makes use of a dark, Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper over Nicaraguan fillers.

  305. Island Jim # TWO cigar

    305. Island Jim No. 2

    Battle Rating: 1300 Wins: 1373 Losses: 1549

    Island Jim No. 2 is shaped after a # TWO pencil, of all things; complete with light and dark wrappers at the cap (pencil tip) and shaggy foot (eraser) at the cigar’s foot. These colorful smokes are made by Oscar Valladares out of Honduras and Jim Robinson, makers of the popular Leaf by Oscar cigars.

  306. Epic Maduro Reserva cigar

    306. Epic Maduro Reserva

    Battle Rating: 1298 Wins: 5312 Losses: 5982

    Epic Maduro is made in the Dominican Republic and features superb craftsmanship, along with a rich, full, and aromatic smoking experience unlike many maduro cigars today.

  307. Rocky Patel Super Ligero cigar

    307. Rocky Patel Super Ligero

    Battle Rating: 1295 Wins: 5373 Losses: 5972

    The Super Ligero is Rockey Patel’s most powerful cigar to date. Featuring a triple helping of Costa Rican Triple Ligero filler that will satisfy even the most demanding palette.

  308. Camacho Connecticut cigar

    308. Camacho Connecticut

    Battle Rating: 1295 Wins: 1534 Losses: 1864

    Camacho Connecticut is 1 of only 2 cigars to retain its original blend when the brand completely overhauled their look and feel in 2013. The cigar is blended to offer a more intense smoking experience than your average Connecticut—the fuller side of the mild spectrum.

  309. Onyx Reserve cigar

    309. Onyx Reserve

    Battle Rating: 1293 Wins: 4083 Losses: 7178

    The Onyx Reserve is a popular introductory cigar to the hobby. This near-pitch-black-wrapped cigar uses a multi-national blend and is crafted in Dominican Republic by Altadis USA.

  310. Room101 The Big Payback Connecticut cigar

    310. The Big Payback Connecticut

    Battle Rating: 1289 Wins: 1325 Losses: 2190

    Luxury lifestyle brand Room101 introduces the sequel to their popular “The Big Payback” cigar, using a lighter Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper for a more delicate smoking experience.

  311. Gurkha Ghost cigar

    311. Gurkha Ghost

    Battle Rating: 1288 Wins: 4149 Losses: 7359

    Thought by many to be one of the better Gurkhas on the the market the Ghost is adorned with an oily Brazilian Arapiraca maduro wrapper. The Gurkha Ghost is a medium strength, full flavored, cigar produced at the PDR Factory in the DR.

  312. Rocky Patel Prohibition Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro cigar

    312. Prohibition – Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro

    Battle Rating: 1286 Wins: 4778 Losses: 6064

    Prohibition – Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro cigars showcase Nicaraguan tobaccos, wrapped in a dark, Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper in a singular, toro vitola.

  313. Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur cigar

    313. Excalibur – Connecticut

    Battle Rating: 1286 Wins: 1815 Losses: 2564

    Hoyo De Monterrey, made in Honduras, as opposed to the original Cuban variant, offers their premium “Excalibur” cigar. This Connecticut Shade-wrapped smoke is a staple in humidors across the country—a favorite among casual smokers and golfers alike.

  314. Foundry Tobacco Company Time Flies cigar

    314. Time Flies

    Battle Rating: 1286 Wins: 188 Losses: 326

    FTC’s Time Flies is one of multiple collaborations between General Cigar and AJ Fernandez; using AJ’s Estelí factory and filler tobaccos of Fernandez’s own Nicaraguan farms.

  315. CLE Connecticut cigar

    315. CLE Connecticut

    Battle Rating: 1285 Wins: 1522 Losses: 2449

    Christian Eiroa presents a Connecticut Shade blend for the ever-growing CLE Cigar Company, based in Danlí, Honduras. The cigar offers smooth & creamy complexities with a backbone of Honduran spice.

  316. Rocky Patel Sun Grown cigar

    316. Rocky Patel Sun Grown

    Battle Rating: 1284 Wins: 1313 Losses: 1703

    Rocky Patel’s Sun Grown line is among their most popular, featuring a well-aged blend that utilizes up to 7-year-aged tobaccos in the filler and wrapper. It is a medium-plus bodied blend with distinct pepper spices throughout.

  317. CAO La Traviata cigar

    317. La Traviata

    Battle Rating: 1281 Wins: 1618 Losses: 2489

    CAO La Traviata is among the more “classic” blends offered by the forward-thinking, flashy CAO brand. The cigar is known for its affordability and has won multiple awards throughout the years.

  318. Leccia Luchador El Gringo cigar

    318. Luchador El Gringo

    Battle Rating: 1280 Wins: 4378 Losses: 6501

    Luchador El Gringo is the much-anticipated sequel to the original Leccia Luchador cigar, trading out the Mexican San Andrés wrapper for an emphasis on Nicaraguan leafs. The cigar is known for its striking “Frog Splash” size, having a rectangular-pressed 4.5″x70 vitola.

  319. Maya Selva Flor de Selva Connecticut cigar

    319. Flor de Selva Connecticut

    Battle Rating: 1278 Wins: 4241 Losses: 6648

    Flor de Selva is a luxurious cigar that has become a leader in the European market. These Honduran puros are now poised to captivate the Americas, showcasing custom-built blends in each and every vitola.

  320. Sindicato Particulares cigar

    320. Particulares

    Battle Rating: 1278 Wins: 1179 Losses: 1422

    Sindicato and Casa Fernández team up to bring the historic, Cuban Particulares brand back to life. This 1800s brand has been re-blended using 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos from the Fernández family’s AGANORSA farms. The cigar’s design also closely resembles the original cigar.

  321. Flor de Rafael Gonzalez Marquez cigar

    321. Flor de Rafael González Márquez

    Battle Rating: 1277 Wins: 3970 Losses: 6641

    Flor de Rafael González Márquez, despite being quite the mouthful, is a highly-regarded smoke among enthusiasts, having a tremendous bang-for-your-buck value. The cigars are mild-bodied and often found in smaller vitolas.

  322. Rocky Patel Freedom cigar

    322. Rocky Patel Freedom

    Battle Rating: 1274 Wins: 4792 Losses: 6729

    Rocky Patel Freedom is a Nicaraguan puro designed to do 2 things: taste good, and battle for the rights of American cigar smokers against the imposed FDA regulations.

  323. Cubao Maduro cigar by EO Brands

    323. Cubao Maduro (EO Brands)

    Battle Rating: 1273 Wins: 4582 Losses: 6029

    Cubao Maduro became a fan-favorite for its cheap prices and full, sweet, maduro flavors. The cigars are now discontinued and somewhat collectable/sought-after.

  324. Sindicato Hex cigar

    324. Hex

    Battle Rating: 1269 Wins: 3966 Losses: 6832

    Sindicato Hex features a premium blend at a surprisingly affordable price. These maduros utilize a Dark Ecuadorian Habano wrapper in a beautiful perfecto size, including an attractive pigtail cap.

  325. Gran Habano Corojo #5 cigar

    325. Gran Habano Corojo #5

    Battle Rating: 1269 Wins: 1576 Losses: 2484

    Gran Habano Corojo #5 is the strongest blend in the Gran Habano profile. These Honduran blends feature affordable prices and a classic, Cubanesque look.

  326. La Jugada Nunchuck cigar

    326. La Jugada Nunchuck

    Battle Rating: 1267 Wins: 1174 Losses: 1783

    MoyaRuiz introduced their 1st-ever limited edition cigar in the innovative form of a nunchuck! Two cigars are joined at the head, creating the La Jugada Nunchuck. These Nicaraguan puros smoke as strong as a weapon-themed cigar should…

  327. Crowned Heads Las Mareas cigar

    327. Las Mareas

    Battle Rating: 1267 Wins: 1236 Losses: 1563

    Crowned Heads aims to recreate the mystique of a classic, Cuban Habano with Las Mareas. The line begins with a rustic, Hawaiian look (with the name translating to “Tides”), featuring 100% Nicaraguan puro tobaccos from the legendary Garcia family.

  328. E.P. Carrillo INCH Colorado cigar

    328. INCH Colorado

    Battle Rating: 1266 Wins: 1213 Losses: 1545

    E.P. Carrillo returns to one of their most popular lines with the INCH Colorado. Focusing on large ring gauges, INCH Colorado uses a new Ecuadoran Colorado wrapper over a Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan & Dominican fillers, making for a full-bodied smoke.

  329. Pinar Del Rio Habano Sun Grown cigar

    329. Pinar del Río Habano Sun Grown

    Battle Rating: 1265 Wins: 4331 Losses: 6498

    Pinar del Río Habano Sun Grown cigars are now all but extinct, though you’ll still find these fun little smokes for sale at ridiculously tempting prices on cigar deal sites and apps.

  330. Punch Signature cigar

    330. Punch Signature

    Battle Rating: 1264 Wins: 4556 Losses: 6556

    Punch showcases a throwback cigar with Punch Signature. Old school themes, marketing, and even similar Corojo seed tobaccos have been used for this retro-inspired blend.

  331. E.P. Carrillo Dusk cigar

    331. Dusk

    Battle Rating: 1258 Wins: 1211 Losses: 1449

    E.P. Carrillo introduced the Dusk line at IPCPR 2016. This Broadleaf Maduro blend falls in line with the brand’s The Classics series – described as traditional in make and style.

  332. Arandoza Red Label cigar

    332. Arandoza Red Label

    Battle Rating: 1254 Wins: 4042 Losses: 6581

    The Arandoza Red Label is the only maduro cigar in Arandoza’s Red, White, and Blue series. It features a Mexican San Andrés wrapper over Nicaraguan fillers.

  333. Toraño Exodus cigar

    333. Toraño Exodus

    Battle Rating: 1250 Wins: 1010 Losses: 1308

    Toraño Exodus is among the design and blending changes introduced to the classic Toraño brand after being acquired by General Cigar Co. in 2014. A colorful and bold, new design highlights a re-blending of Exodus – showcasing a 4-country blend and proprietary wrapper.

  334. Foundry Chillin' Moose Too cigar

    334. Chillin’ Moose Too

    Battle Rating: 1248 Wins: 1049 Losses: 1704

    Chillin’ Moose Too is the maduro variant of the popular, affordably priced Chillin’ Moose original cigar. Now with a Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper over Nicaraguan fillers.

  335. Nomad Martial Law cigar

    335. Martial Law

    Battle Rating: 1248 Wins: 444 Losses: 686

    Nomad Martial Law uses a new factory to introduce an “amped-up” version of the popular Estelí Lot 8613 cigar. A Nicaraguan bend, complete with double ligero fillers, showcases a very “full” smoking experience.

  336. E.P. Carrillo New Wave Connecticut cigar

    336. New Wave Connecticut

    Battle Rating: 1243 Wins: 1227 Losses: 1732

    New Wave Connecticut by Master Blender Ernesto Perez-Carrillo offers a smooth and balanced experience, highlighted by a touch of Nicaraguan spice.

  337. Gurkha Legend cigar

    337. Gurkha Legend

    Battle Rating: 1241 Wins: 1221 Losses: 2018

    With countless brands and blends, it can be quite the chore sifting through the Gurkha lineup. A Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper is rumored to be aged 8 years. On the interior, Legend utilizes a Cameroon binder and Dominican fillers.

  338. Gurkha The Beast cigar

    338. The Beast

    Battle Rating: 1240 Wins: 1372 Losses: 2391

    The Beast is a small batch offering from Gurkha, a brand known for lavish packaging and extreme cigar projects. 1,000 Boxes are produced per year.

  339. Room101 Big Delicious cigar

    339. Big Delicious

    Battle Rating: 1239 Wins: 3968 Losses: 6435

    Room101 Big Delicious is a limited edition cigar made exclusively for Smoke Inn’s Microblend Series. These Honduran smokes make good use of an Ecuadoran Habano 2000 wrapper, which is extended for a long and fittingly “shaggy” foot.

  340. Gurkha Heritage cigar

    340. Gurkha Heritage

    Battle Rating: 1238 Wins: 3406 Losses: 7690

    The Gurkha Heritage features a medium-bodied blend crafted in Nicaragua, with a Rosado Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and a diverse filler blend.

  341. Espinosa La Zona Connecticut cigar

    341. La Zona Connecticut

    Battle Rating: 1230 Wins: 4328 Losses: 6872

    La Zona Connecticut cigars by Espinosa Cigars are the standard in bang-for-your-buck smokes. With 80-count coffin boxes available, these mild-yet-flavorful smokes are a no-brainer for a daily-smoke cigar.

  342. ACID Kuba Kuba cigar

    342. ACID Kuba Kuba

    Battle Rating: 1222 Wins: 1785 Losses: 4130

    Potentially Drew Estate’s most popular cigar in the ACID lineup. These “fat robustos” come at a more premium price point, offering a medium bodied experience.

  343. Asylum 13 Ogre cigar

    343. Asylum 13 Ogre

    Battle Rating: 1213 Wins: 3997 Losses: 7392

    Asylum 13 Ogre is a barber pole-style cigar, featuring Nicaraguan habano and candela wrapper leafs. The cigar is best known for its ultra-large sizes.

  344. Schizo Maduro cigar

    344. Schizo Maduro

    Battle Rating: 1209 Wins: 1156 Losses: 2636

    Due to the use of short-filler tobaccos mixed in with the traditional long-fillers, Asylum’s Schizo cigars are able to maintain some of the most affordable prizes on the market. The Schizo Maduro is the much-requested maduro counterpart to the original Schizo cigar (2012).

  345. Isla del Sol cigar

    345. Isla del Sol

    Battle Rating: 1205 Wins: 1121 Losses: 2469

    Isla del Sol goes back to the early days of Drew Estate cigar infusion experimentation. With a sweetened cap and rich notes of Mandheling bean coffee, this Nicaraguan is smooth and sweet, yet remains natural and balanced. And let’s not forget affordable.

  346. Foundry Chillin' Moose cigar

    346. Chillin’ Moose

    Battle Rating: 1204 Wins: 1110 Losses: 1814

    Chillin’ Moose is the highly-popular, affordable offering from Foundry. Using a diverse blend, the cigars offer flavor at some of the cheapest prices industry-wide.

  347. MoyaRuiz Pickle Juice cigar

    347. Pickle Juice

    Battle Rating: 1198 Wins: 1097 Losses: 2518

    MoyaRuiz is never the type to shy away from creative packaging and the Pickle Juice is no exception. Thirteen Candela-wrapped cigars are packaged in plastic jars made to resemble jars of pickles. This is a limited edition cigar made for the 2016 St. Patrick’s Day season.

  348. Acid Cold Infusion cigar

    348. Acid Cold Infusion

    Battle Rating: 1179 Wins: 2801 Losses: 8434

    A flavored cigar that will leave your taste buds spinning. The Acid Cold Infusion from the Drew Estate Factory in Nicaragua is an affordable and fun stick to break up the monotony.

  349. Ortega Wild Bunch Warrior Joe cigar

    349. Wild Bunch: Warrior Joe

    Battle Rating: 1137 Wins: 970 Losses: 2113

    Warrior Joe is the 10th installment in Ortega’s unorthodox “Wild Bunch” series – in which a new cigar blend was released every month throughout the 2013 year. This is a medium+ body profile, using a dark, Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper.

  350. Sindicato Maniac cigar

    350. Maniac

    Battle Rating: 1129 Wins: 937 Losses: 1899

    Sindicato’s fifth cigar line goes BIG, featuring two affordably priced Nicaraguan cigars, each carrying massive, 7″ x 70 sizes!