We have developed the Cigar Wars Hall of Fame to honor the absolute best-performing cigars in the Cigar Wars database.

Because our Battle Rating system is fast-paced and can fluctuate throughout time, we commemorate cigars’ performances with “Cigar of the Week”, “Cigar of the Month”, and “Cigar of the Year” awards. This allows for better recognition that stands the test of time.

But, we’ve also noticed that certain cigars begin to dominate the leaderboard, and may accumulate so many victories that the Top 10 Cigars leaderboard becomes monotonous, with nearly the same small group of cigars in constant domination of the standings.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as good cigars deserve to be recognized. We feel there is a better way to recognize these cigars, while at the same time allowing other cigars a chance to compete.

Cigar Wars Hall of Fame

Each month, we recognize the best-performing cigars in each category. If a cigar should win the “Overall Best-Performing Cigar” category 3 times within a rolling 12 month period, that cigar will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

A HOF cigar will be removed from the Cigar Wars battle upon HOF admittance. It will be eligible to return to battle after sitting out for a single, full month.

Hall of Fame Stars

When a cigar is admitted into the HOF, it will receive a “star badge” that it will wear into battle upon its return.

If the cigar is again admitted into the Hall of Fame, it will receive a second badge. This can occur a maximum of 3 times. If a cigar receives 3 badges, it will be permanently removed from battle and honored with a special, elite plaque in the Cigar Wars Hall of Fame page.

Hall of Fame Bonuses

Hall of Fame cigars will receive an updated page, showcasing their medals as well as a more in-depth look at the cigar, upgraded photos, and potentially more…