What is Cigar Wars?

Welcome to Cigar Wars! Cigar Wars was created to give cigar lovers a quick and fun way to rank and rate cigars. The idea for Cigar Wars started a few years ago when Master Sensei from the Cigar Dojo would often post an image of two cigars accompanied by the simple question “If these two cigars got in a fight who would win?”. These posts were very popular on the Dojo app and on Twitter.

Flash forward to Cigar Wars! You can find Cigar Wars inside the Cigar Dojo app as well as a stand alone version at CigarWars.net.

How to play

Playing Cigar Wars couldn’t be any easier. Simply click on the image of the cigar that you think is better. The instant you do, the ratings are adjusted for each cigar and a new battle is presented. If you don’t want to choose between the two cigars on the screen simply click the “NEW BATTLE” button which will present a new cigar battle for you as we’ll as update the rankings.

You can vote on all the cigars against each other or choose a sub-category such as the shade or wrapper or country of origin.

The cigars are ranked by their current battle ranking which is a mathematical algorithm using an ELO ranking system described more in-depth here.

Keeping it Fresh

To make Cigars Wars more interesting we will be adding new cigars to the database every week so the battles will never get stale. Have a cigar you would like us to add? Please send us your nomination and we will do our best to add your pick.