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Añejo No. 77 Shark

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Wins: 68%

Score: 91

Añejo No. 77 Shark

Here we go, where to start with this legendary smoke???

Let's settle on the blend—it's basically an OpusX wrapped in a Connecticut Broadleaf maduro (aged 5 years) wrapper that has been aged an additional 68 months in cognac barrels. For most of us, 'nuff said, we're sold right there! But... there's more to the story, if you like the nitty gritty.

Arturo Fuente Añejo cigars came about when the Chateau de la Fuente was hit with the devastating Hurricane Georges in 1998. Rather than be left with a shortage of Fuente's premium cigars (OpusX), Carlos Fuente Jr. made the move to wrap the cigars in an alternate wrapper, resulting in the Añejo cigars we enjoy today.

The name? Añejo cigars are named for their ring gauge sizes, e.g. No. 49, No. 55, No. 50, etc. This exception here is good ol' No. 77, aka "Shark", this size is named after the shape of two pectoral fins of... a shark, which happen to resemble two "7's". This was the result of Carlito Fuente taking his children on a trip to Sea World.

The "Shark" was originally released in 2001, a year after the introduction of the Añejo line. It is the only Añejo to arrive sans cedar sleeve, as well as the most sought-after size in the Añejo lineup—as it is typically only released during the Christmas season, while other Añejo cigars ship near Father's Day as well.

Because of the cigar's rarity and collector's appeal, the prices may vary wildly from the original MSRP of $10.25.

cigar Breakdown

Broadleaf, USA




Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic

Filler tobacco countries

Arturo Fuente


Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia





Release year

$ 10.25 - $ 10.25


5.625 x 54 Pyramid



Core flavors

ChocolateCognacOakCinnamonSyrupBlack PepperCherry CordialEspresso