Cornelius & Anthony Premium Cigars

Cornelius & Anthony Premium Cigars tentatively debuted in 2014, later making a greater effort in 2015, soft-launching the Merdian brand. But once again, the company regrouped, finally hitting its stride after making a few key hires from experienced individuals in the premium cigar scene. In 2016, C&A hit the premium cigar world running, debuting a completely new look and partnering with respected cigar factories such as El Titan de Bronze (Miami) and La Zona (Estelí).

The modernized C&A brand focuses on the Bailey family's lengthy history in American tobacco (S&M Brands), with many of the company's cigars themed around members of the Bailey family.

"Five generations ago, my great-great-grandaddy set out on a path to make a life. But not just an ordinary life, a life that counted for something. For Family. For Friends. And for generations to come.
How it was for us: You either make it special, or you didn't make it at all. Pride was something you earned.
It was a life and a lifestyle our family relished. And we celebrated every moment, because we had created something of value.
In life, that counts for something."
—Steven Anthony Bailey


  • Owned by Steven Bailey and is a subsidiary of the Bailey family’s S&M Brands
  • Cigars produced at El Titan de Bronze (Miami) and La Zona (Estelí)
  • Known for vintage concepts with cross-hatched designs
  • Primarily medium to medium-plus profiles








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