Fable Cigars

"Fable Cigars is an exciting new brand of smokes born from our love of art and story, blended at the Nica Sueño factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.
There is a powerful connection between a good story and a great smoke. A cigar is a bridge, used to tell a personal story as much as it helps make the stories we share personal. With the price and length of a movie, smoking a cigar can give us a better understanding of ourselves and bring us closer to the people around us than two hours in front of a screen.
Our brand will share new stories with each series and encourage the people enjoying our product to share theirs."
—Fable Cigars


  • Debuted in 2016 with the Fourth Prime cigar brand
  • Cigars made at Fabrica de Tabacos Nica Sueño S.A. (RoMa Craft factory)
  • Based around the connection between story-telling and cigar-smoking
  • Gritty Nicaraguan smoking profiles








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