La Flor Dominicana

La Flor Dominicana debuted their first cigar in 1996, two years after company founder Litto Gomez Diez decided to enter the premium cigar industry (after his Miami-based jewelry store was robbed at gunpoint). In the same year, La Flor Dominicana (LFD) established their own factory in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

The brand—originally known as Los Libertadores—debuted with a mild Dominican smoking profile. One year later, LFD began to transform into the brand consumers know today, purchasing their own farm (Estancia La Flor de Palma), located in La Canela, DR. This set into place the beginnings of complete vertical integration, making possible the unique taste and consistency for which the brand is known.

LFD is highly praised as being one of the top-ranked names in the Dominican Republic. They are well-known for strong smoking profiles, as well as the artisanal rolling skills of their torcedores, often releasing unique cigar shapes and designs in limited quantities.


  • Founded in 1996 by Litto Gomez and Ines Lorenzo-Gomez
  • Litto entered cigar industry in 1994 following a career in the jewelry industry
  • First LFD factory founded in 1996 in Santiago Dominican Republic
  • Brand originally known as Los Libertadores
  • Estancia La Flor de Palma tobacco farm established in 1997 — co-owned by Tabacalera Palma
  • Name of company inspired by the flower of a tobacco plant
  • Acquired an additional farm in 2006 to grow Corojo and Sumatra seeds
  • The company's signature vitola is known as "Chisel" — a chisel-shaped size that became the only cigar vitola to ever receive a patent in 2012
  • LFD Chisel first debuted in 2003
  • Tabacalera La Flor factory now located in Tamboril — DR
  • Known for heavy use of ligero tobaccos in cigar blends such as LFD Ligero and LFD Double Ligero
  • Maintains boutique atmosphere by employing only 35 pairs of rollers (expanding up to 50-max in the coming years)
  • As of 2018 — produces 3.5 million cigars per year
  • Known for unusual figurado cigar shapes and designs on limited edition cigars — rolled with intricate wrappers resembling camouflage — fire — the Statue of Liberty — etc.
  • Litto Gomez's son Tony Gomez is company vice president — known for pioneering many of the company's recent fan-favorite cigars (Chapter I — Capitulo II — La Nox)
  • Cigar Aficionado awarded LFD's Andalusian Bull cigar their No. 1 Cigar of the Year in 2016





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