Asylum Cigars

Asylum Cigars is known for their "take no prisoners" approach, their large ring gauged cigars, and their Central American blends. Founded in 2012 Asylum is known for pushing boundaries that would scare most cigar brands off. Asylum makes cigars up to an 80 in ring gauge! That is right, 80 with a capital EIGHT—all while maintaining their commitment to premium tobaccos. They are produced mainly in Nicaragua (as well as an increasing number in Honduras) and distributed by C.L.E. Cigar Company.

"Escape the asylum of life’s everyday stresses by delving into a cigar experience like none you’ve had before. A diverse profile of wrappers, the finest Nicaraguan tobaccos, and a size for every occasion form the unique collection of Asylum Cigars. With brands such as the Ogre, the Schizo, the Straight Jacket, Insidious, or Asylum 13, there’s an Asylum Cigar for every escape."


  • Founded in 2012
  • One of many companies under C.L.E. Cigar Co. umbrella
  • Among first brands to embrace large (and ultra-large) ring gauges
  • Cigars made in Nicaragua and Honduras








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