Crux Cigars

Crux debuted in the premium cigar market in 2014, being launched by Jeff Haugen and Joel Rogers, owners of the popular Tobacco Grove tobacconist store in Minnesota. Apart from the brand's unorthodox graphics and concepts (including cartoon caricatures in many of their earliest offerings), Crux sets themselves apart through an extremely careful tobacco selection process. Crux sources Grade-A tobaccos from some of the best farms in Central America, partnering with the famed Plasencia family for production.

Our commitment to building cigars of the highest quality and craftsmanship begins with only the finest of premium tobacco, sourced from farms large and small. As a result, our cigars have been honored with praise from our peers and cigar fans alike. We are humbled to be in the position to do what we love, and will never take it for granted.
—Crux Cigars


  • Founded by Jeff Haugen and Joel Rogers in 2014
  • Spawned out of owner's desire to create their own cigar brand after successfully building Tobacco Grove tobacconist in Minnesota
  • Casey Haugen, Vice President and brother of Jeff Haugen, is often seen as the face of the brand
  • Focuses on full-flavored Nicaraguan profiles
  • Known for usage of select tobacco sorting and primings, such as with popular limited series, Crux Limitada PB5
  • Often borrows from Cuban nomenclature, as with Crux Epicure and Crux du Connoisseur
  • Known for packaging cigars in five-count paper bundles, which are then re-packaged into full boxes








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