La Palina

For over 120 years, La Palina has been providing the world with access to opportunity. With our rich heritage deeply rooted in the entertainment industry, we have been intimately acquainted with bringing people into experiences that feel exclusive, welcoming the everyday person into a life that would otherwise seem inaccessible and unattainable. As the backstage pass to luxury, La Palina puts everyone’s name on the VIP list—here’s to life beyond the velvet rope.
—La Palina


  • Founded/re-established in 2010 by Bill Paley
  • Modern-day La Palina company is a revived rendition of Congress Cigar Company, founded in 1896 by Paley's grandfather, Sam Paley
  • La Palina was Congress Cigar Company's premiere brand, featuring the likeness of Goldie Drell Paley, Bill Paley's grandmother
  • Congress Cigar Company moved from Chicago to Philadelphia in 1910
  • William S. Paley (Bill Paley's father) joined company as Vice President of Advertising during move to Philadelphia
  • William Paley ushered in heavy radio advertising focus, sponsoring "The La Palina Hour"
  • William Paley later founded Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)
  • Congress Cigar Company liquidated in 1926 after Sam Paley's retirement
  • Modern-day La Palina is known for vintage, turn-of-the-20th-century feel
  • Cigars produced at a wide variety of factories throughout nearly every major cigar-producing region of the world
  • Best known for Goldie series of cigars, an ultra-premium line rolled at the famed El Titan de Bronze factory








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