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Undercrown DOGMA

Battles: 2k

Wins: 68%

Score: 86

Undercrown DOGMA

Undercrown DOGMA (aka Undercrown Dojo Dogma) was first released in the spring of 2014 as a unique collaboration between Cigar Dojo and Drew Estate. The DOGMA incorporated a slightly tweaked blend compared to the traditional Undercrown Maduro, where added ligero was incorporated to give the strength and flavor profile a significant boost (similar to the blending style used for Drew Estate's Undercrown Corona ¡Viva! cigar). In addition, the DOGMA marked the first-ever box-pressed Undercrown cigar (as well as being among the first Drew Estate cigars overall to showcase a box-pressed shape). This shape allows the tobacco-stuffed 56 ring gauge to feel closer to a 52 or 54 ring gauge of a traditional parejo. The box-pressing also helps to meld the various tobaccos together, as well as provide a cooler burning temperature and a cleaner draw.

DOGMA was originally rolled in a limited edition offering of only 650 bundles of 10 cigars and sold exclusively through online retailer Smoke Inn. As the original release sold out completely in a manner of hours, DOMGA was quick to rise through the ranks of secondary markets, becoming a popular attraction for collectors and enthusiasts alike; at its peak, DOGMA bundles could be found selling for prices as high as $500.

This lead Cigar Dojo and Drew Estate rethink the original model, coming together once more to re-release DOGMA cigars to the masses in 2018. The second time around, DOGMA cigars were rolled in much higher quantities, using the identical blend and size to the original DOGMA from 2014. The only changes made were to the cigar's packaging, showing an updated Cigar Dojo logo on the cigar's bundle and sub-band artwork (allowing consumers to differentiate between the 2014 and modern-day releases). In addition, DOGMA cigars are now crafted in small batches annually, being offered in limited quantities to all Drew Diplomat-approved retailers across the country.

As Cigar Dojo is often quoted, "They don't call 2018 the Year of the Dog for nothing!"

cigar Breakdown

San Andrés, Mexico




Habano, USA




Filler tobacco countries

Drew Estate


La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate





Release year

$ 9.95 - $ 10.80


6 x 56 Toro Grande



Core flavors

ChocolateWhite PepperBlack PepperDark-Roast Coffee