El Laguito

El Laguito is the most elite cigar factory in Cuba, known for producing Cohiba and Trinidad cigars since 1966. The facility is located in Havana’s Cubanacán district and was once a mansion (constructed in the 1920s), owned by Alberto Casimiro Fowler Perilliat. Following the Cuban Revolution, it was converted to produce cigars for the government, with Cohiba and Trinidad famously being smoked by Fidel Castro and offered as diplomatic gifts.

The factory is famous for its opulence and yellow design, made to mimic the color palette of the Cohiba cigars it manufactures. Producing the country's most elite brands, El Laguito is acclaimed for sourcing only the top grade tobaccos from the country's Vuelta Abajo growing region; in addition, the factory employs only the best-trained torcedores, once classified as category 9 rollers.


  • Built during 1920s
  • Converted for cigar production in 1966
  • Named for a small lake located nearby (laguito being the diminutive for the Spanish lago, or lake)
  • Sometimes considered most beautiful cigar factory in the world
  • Among the most famed cigar factory attractions in Havana (along with the Partagás factory)
  • Known for producing Cohiba brand
  • Once employed only female torcedores
  • Features Cuba's most trained cigar artisans
  • Utilizes best selections of Cuban tobacco from Vuelta Abajo region
  • Normally closed to the public, but allows tours during celebrations such as the Festival del Habano








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