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Herrera Estelí Miami

Battles: 2k

Wins: 57%

Score: 78

Herrera Estelí Miami

For most brands, the idea of producing a cigar at multiple factories is a given. But to see a brand that also happens to have their own factory do this, is a little more rare. Rarer still is a brand with the magnitude of Drew Estate to pull such a maneuver (aside from joint efforts with their familiar allies at Joya de Nicaragua, whom is distributed by Drew Estate and produces some of the company’s sister brands, such as MUWAT)… but this is exactly what you’ll find with the Herrera Estelí Miami.

The story begins in 2011, where Drew Estate plucks a Mr. Willy Herrera from his family’s ultra-boutique factory, El Titan de Bronze, located in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, and assigns him the significant task of creating a classic, Cubaneque experience for the Drew Estate portfolio. This is eventually realized in the form of the Herrera Estelí cigar in 2013, along with Willy’s promotion to Drew Estate Master Blender in 2014. The brand was given a major addition in 2014 with the Herrera Estelí Norteño, as well as multiple limited edition and shop-exclusive blend offshoots under each brand since.

But Herrera Estelí Miami is special—this project reunites Willy with his roots, crafting a Drew Estate cigar at the El Titan de Bronze factory. ETDB has become well-regarded amongst connoisseurs, especially over the past five years, as one of the best factories in the world. This is due to their use of authentic Cuban rolling techniques, true boutique craftsmanship, and incredibly high standards of employing category 9 rollers (the highest rank for torcedores) exclusively. Boxes of cigars at ETDB are often rolled by a single roller and signed, so as to connect enthusiasts with their preferred torcedores (in the same manner found with many Cuban cigars).

Willy opted for a new blend for Herrera Estelí Miami, crafting the cigars in small batches and using a singular corona vitola, ensuring the cigars smoke with their ideal profile.

cigar Breakdown

Habano, Ecuador




Sumatra, Ecuador


Dominican Republic


Filler tobacco countries

Drew Estate


El Titan de Bronze


Small Batch



Release year

$ 9.80 - $ 12.75



Core flavors

MustMineralCedar SweetnessCaramelEspressoEarthSavoryBlack PeppercornVegetationSteak Seasoning